In a surprise announcement, Big Finish has confirmed plans to release a continuation of the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood.

At the DWAS Capitol II Convention in Crawley, executive producer James Goss revealed plans to continue the Torchwood story with a fifth series. The first of three volumes that make up series five, ‘Aliens Among Us’ will drop in August. The second and third parts will follow in October and February.

It’s Back…

Torchwood’s television days were cut short in 2011 when the fourth series, ‘Miracle Day’, proved to be their final on-screen outing. The US co-produced series received mixed ratings and a planned fifth series, under show creator Russell T Davies, never materialised.


Big Finish has been producing Torchwood audio plays since 2015 with every main cast member returning in solo stories. Some of these have even taken place after the events of ‘Miracle Day’, exploring Gwen’s work to rebuild Torchwood with her husband, Rhys. ‘Aliens Among Us’ will be the first continuous run of stories to take place after the series finale.

New Reunions

As well as reuniting John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Kai Owen and Tom Price, we have some new faces. Paul Clayton reprises his role as Mr. Colchester from last year’s ‘The Torchwood Archive. Alexandria Riley, Jonny Green and Sam Béart all join the cast as Ng, Tyler and Orr respectively.

Highly-Rated Writers

The writers for the second and third volumes are yet to be confirmed but we know who will be writing the first volume. James Goss, executive producer of the series, will write the first two episodes. He’ll be joined by Juno Dawson and A K Benedict, who have both contributed excellent stories to the Torchwood monthly releases.

All three parts of ‘Torchwood: Aliens Among Us’ are available to pre-order now from the Big Finish website.


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