Torchwood Among Us 2

Torchwood Among Us 2. Cover by Sean Longmore (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Ianto Jones Yvonne Hartman Bilis Manger Murray Melvin Tracy-Ann Oberman Gareth David-Lloyd

Torchwood Among Us 2. Cover by Sean Longmore. Yvonne (40s, blonde, attractive) looks stunned as she stands in the middle of a street in smoking ruins, wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and handcuffs, behind her Billis (80s or 90s, whippet thin and watching eyes, dressed in 1940s pin stripped suit and cravat) eyes her malevolently, while Orr, young and silver faced, squats low in a jumpsuit looking suspicious of her. Meanwhile a ghostly looking Ianto (early 30s, pin stripe suit, neat dark hair) looks grim (c) Big Finish Productions