Great news for all Who fans, especially fans of Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. It’s surprising news too, as it has been announced that Season 12, Tom Baker’s acclaimed first season as the Fourth Doctor which originally aired in 1975/76, is to be released in it’s entirety in a special Blu Ray box set.

Twenty episodes, specially restored for Blu-Ray and packed with new and old special features. This could be the beginning of building your own archive of classic Doctor Who seasons with this six-disc special ‘limited edition packaging’ boxset.

In this season, joined by his best friend Sarah Jane Smith and new companion Harry, the Doctor pits his wits against a giant robot, the insect Wirrn, Cybermen, Sontarans, and Daleks!

The special set will feature all existing extra bonus material from the existing DVD’s as well as brand new bonus features. These brand new features include Tom Baker in Conversation, a newly recorded one-hour candid interview. There are also new making-of documentaries for The Sontaran Experiment and Revenge of the Cybermen.

A fun new extra is titled Behind the Sofa, where classic clips from season 12 are viewed by Tom Baker, Philip Hinchcliffe, Louise Jameson, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton and Sadie Miller.

There are also some variant choices available as to how you choose to watch certain episodes. You can choose to watch Revenge of the Cybermen with brand new updated special effects. Also, you can watch Genesis of the Daleks as an omnibus movie version.

The box set also features the VHS release of The Tom Baker Years on disc for the first time. There is also Production archive material and scripts from the BBC archives.

The Blu-Ray has limited edition packaging with artwork by Lee Binding and has been restored and up-scaled to HD by Peter Crocker and Mark Ayres.

Russell Minton, Executive Producer at BBC Worldwide says : “We are doing our very best at BBC Worldwide to restore and bring as many Classic Who titles out on Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, and this starts with being able to confirm one of my favourites, Tom Baker’s first season.  We will also endeavour to include additional archive material and exciting newly-shot features where possible.”

This exciting release of Season 12 of Doctor Who on Blu Ray is due on the 11th June 2018, and hopefully will be the first in many collected sets of complete seasons of classic Doctor Who. You can pre-order the set below.





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