Actor Toby Stephens (Die Another Day) was a guest on the Graham Norton BBC 2 Radio show earlier today and was asked if he is the new Doctor Who – listen to his response in the player above. 

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  1. Norton should ask every guest on his radio and TV shows if they're the new Doctor Who. Maybe he's strike lucky. Assuming of course he's not trying to distract from the fact that HE is the new Doctor Who… LOL

  2. If Russell Brand got the role I along with many other fans would stop watching it. Luckily I don't think Stephen Moffat would want to work with that arrogant idiot anyway (the doctor isnt a self absorbed arsehole he's always been about helping others) and I don't think the bbc want him back.

  3. Davanna-the show HAS a lot of female fans.

    Siamese_Walrus- a lot of people said they would stop watching when Matt was picked but they didnt. Dont speak for every Doctor Who fan out there. I think Toby or Russell would be great and as a loyal Doctor Who fan Im not going to stop watching bc of the actor playing the Doctor.


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