Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Cover E: Rachael Stott

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Cover E: Rachael Stott. Comic book art showing the Thirteenth Doctor from around the knees up, holding the sonic together in both hands, a huge burst of yellow light coming from it, pointing downward while she looks up and to the right in concentration. Around her is a montage of all the other Doctors, with the Fourh small but in front of her, holding his hat and grinning madly as he runs, his scarf flapping wildly. The Tenth Doctor’s face looms large behind her, looking soulful and slightly sad. The Twelfth Doctor, in profile, looking amazed, also gets a good placement. The other Doctors are fit in around them. The Thirteenth and Fourth Doctors are in full colour, but the palette fades to reds and pinks for the others behind them.