The Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors are back for another joint comic adventure, this time with Rose Tyler, in the first issue of Titan Comics‘ brand new Doctor Who Comic series!

As first announced earlier this year, Titan Comics are set to re-brand their ongoing Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor series at the end of this year. From November onwards, the series will continue under the name Doctor Who Comic, and it looks set to expand to encompass more characters and creature from across the television series’ history.

First launched back in September 2018, Titan‘s Thirteenth Doctor series has followed the current TARDIS team across several adventures, which have seen them encounter a whole host of new friends and foes. They’ve faced off against several never-before-seen enemies, such as the Hoarder and the Stilean Flesh Eaters, as well as teaming up with old friends we never got the chance to meet on screen, like swashbuckling Time Lord the Corsair.

Most recently, the ‘fam’ found themselves transported back to 1960’s London, where they teamed up with a stranded Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones to face off against the Weeping Angels and Autons in a brilliant re-imagining of Steven Moffat’s ‘Blink’. Despite the series’ re-brand, Doctor Who Comic will continue where these two Doctors’ latest adventure left off.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Season 2 #1 – Page 3

Doctor Who Comic #1 will see the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor back together again, this time in the present day. They’ll have to join forces once again to stop the Earth being overrun, this time by the Sea Devils! What’s more, the two Time Lords have another helping hand this time in the form of Rose Tyler, leader of the human resistance!

What’s more, the current creative time behind Titan Comics‘ ongoing Doctor Who will continue to produce the Doctor Who Comic series. As such, Jody Houser returns as writer, alongside artist Roberta Ingranata and colourist Enrica Eren Angiolini

Titan Comics have unveiled a preview of Doctor Who Comic #1‘s interior artwork, including a first look at Rose Tyler and the Sea Devils:

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Interior Page 1
Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Interior Page 2
Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Interior Page 3
Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Interior Page 4
Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Interior Page 5

Doctor Who Comic #1 will be available to purchase from Wednesday 18th November 2020 from Forbidden Planet, ComiXology, and your local comic shop.

Doctor Who returns with the comic debut of iconic 70s TV Villain! After narrowly escaping the Weeping Angels and the Autons in 1960s London, the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor must team-up once again to save present-day Earth from being overrun by the classic aquatic villain, the Sea Devils! Who else can they turn to for help but Rose Tyler: leader of the human resistance!

Check out the six variant covers available for this issue below, featuring artwork from Peach Momoko, Christopher Jones, Mirka Andolfo, Rachael Stott, as well as a photo cover, and a blank sketch variant:


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