The second instalment of Operation Volcano from Titan Comics starring the Seventh Doctor and Ace was released earlier this week.

From the Script Editor and Writer of fan favourite episode ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’, Andrew Cartmel and Ben Aaronovitch, the brand new comic adventure continues. This new comic features the Seventh Doctor and Ace as played by Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, continuing their debut for Titan Comics. Bringing Operation Volcano to the page is comics illustrator Christopher Jones (The Third Doctor) and colourist Marco Lesko (The Ninth Doctor).

Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor #2 Cover A: Chris Jones


1967. The Australian Outback. The Seventh Doctor, Ace, and Group Captain
Gilmore’s Counter-Measures team descend on the site of a newly-uncovered
alien spacecraft. Amid espionage from multiple sources, the group discovers
a mysterious snake-like alien entity when it ‘possesses’ a politician named Mr.
Pendry… an entity that kills Pendry when it is forcibly removed!
Meanwhile, in 2029, an exceedingly well-preserved Gilmore is rescued from a
giant alien spacecraft orbiting the planet. Now returned to Earth, he lifts his
long hair to reveal one of the snakelike creatures grafted to his spine…!

Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor #2 Cover B: Photo by Will Brooks

Also continued is Hill of Beans, the Seventh Doctor comic back-up strip written by Richard Dinnick (Twelfth Doctor) with art by Jessica Martin (Mags in Doctor Who: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy).

Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor is available now from comic book stores. Don’t forget there are two different covers to choose from. For further news and developments on this series join Titan Comics on FacebookTwitter or Tumblr and for more information visit

Check back soon as we review Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor – Operation Volcano #2…


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