Titan Comics presented a panel on upcoming Doctor Who and Torchwood comics to a packed room at the recent New York Comic Con.

Titan’s presenters were writers Nick Abadzis, Paul Cornell, and, and artist Chris Jones and Rachael Stott. Artist Mariano Laclaustria was in the audience and joined the panel onstage later.

Andrew James, the editor of the entire Doctor Who Titan series, helped moderate the panel, which featured slides of some of the beautiful work from past issues, as well as hints of what’s coming next.

UNIT, Osgood & The Master

James introduced different issues of the Titan Comics and allowed the writers to explain how they developed the storylines. In the Titan comics, some characters blossom in a way that they cannot onscreen. Paul Cornell and Chris Jones discussed a five-issue miniseries that includes more than one Doctor, and welcomes back all the UNIT characters, and Osgood back, complete with inhaler. The writer and artist work closely together: Cornell said, “I might tell Chris, ‘the Doctor has a reflective moment, just rubbing the back of his neck,’ and Chris gets it completely.” Even Roger Delgado’s classic Master will make an appearance, and they got the rights to portray the Brigadier, in his first comics appearance in many years. Titan actually got a lovely fan letter from the widow of Nicholas Courtney, the actor who portrayed the Brigadier.

Tenth Doctor

The discussion of the Tenth Doctor series focused on the beautiful artwork of Arianna Florean and Giorgia Sposito, which has been notably “tiptop,” in the words of Andrew James. The Tenth Doctor’s relationship with Cindy Wu will also expand, explained the writer Nick Abadzis, especially after the absolutely thrilling issues set in New Orleans, which James called “one of the highlights of the year.” The series was an example of how “The Doctor offers you the universe, but it does come at a cost.”

James also discussed some of the art in the Twelfth Doctor, which is drawn by artist Rachael Stott. Her black and white art is “so amazing,” said James, that they might be putting out a few special digital editions so fans can see her original art, which he says, “in this series, really sings.” What goes into making such a page? Stott joked, “Tears, blood, lack of a social life!”


Though none of the Torchwood crew were present, James explained that the comic series, written by John and Carole Barrowman, will eventually dovetail with the Big Audio Finish series. It will be “James Bondian blockbuster style.” Jack and Gwen are back together, and James gave high praise to the team responsible for the series.

The panel ended with a Q & A session with the audience, and a perfectly dressed and coiffed Missy asked, in a crisp brogue, if the new Master would soon appear in any of the pages. The panel reacted with delight and laughter, and asked where this Missy had come from. “Actually, I’m from California,” the woman said, and collective laughter rang out from the packed room. The evening ended with much enthusiasm about the incredible work yet to come from Titan.



  1. Nobody thought to ask why Titan pulled Clara out of the Twelfth Doctor comics after 5 issues of Year 2 after promising a full year of Series 9-set stories?


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