TITAN COMICS: Fourth Doctor #1 – Variant cover by Ben Olivier

There’s usually a good reason to visit a Forbidden Planet, and next Saturday 26 March will be a great day to head to the Newcastle store. Writers Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby will be there from 13:00-14:00 signing copies of 4th Doctor #1. They will be signing an exclusive variant cover by Ben Oliver, featuring a grinning Tom Baker, looking much like Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman.

The story takes place in Victorian England, that mysterious era of chamber pots and pocket watches. There is an unknown woman who is in charge of a secret army in an institution for the blind. There are Scryclops roaming the streets, and mysterious, timeless screams rip through the air. The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith arrive on the scene to investigate the Gaze of the Medusa.

Rennie is a rising Scottish comic book writer. He is the author of White Trash: Moronic Inferno, several comic strips for 2000AD, and also writes for WarHammer Fantasy. Rennie was first published in Blast! Magazine in 1991. He also creates many video games in addition to his work in comics.

Beeby wrote The 4th Doctor #1 with Rennie, and she is well-known as the first female writer of Judge Dredd. Beeby has also written for Doctor Who, Survival Geeks, Judge Anderson, and is even working on Tarzan’s Jane as a comic book.

Together, Beeby and Rennie  created  graphic novel Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter, a triple threat which won the 2015 Scottish Independent Book Alliance Awards Best Graphic Novel/Best Writer/Best Newcomer. They have also collaborated on The Doomsday Quatrain and parts of 1001 Nights for Big Finish Productions.

They will be signing on 26 March at 59 Grainger Street in Newcastle. It’s Easter Weekend, and the store will be open from 09:30 to 18:00 on Saturday and closed Sunday.

Check out a preview of the 4th Doctor comic at our previous post.




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