Titans' New Good Man Mini Figure Series
Titans’ New Good Man Mini Figure Series

Titans fans, this is the time of year you have been waiting for… No, not the announcement about who’s writing for the show, or when it will air – it’s new toy time!

The new collection focuses on the Eleventh Doctor and his multiverse entourage, as it were, of friends, allies, and even a wife. There are two figures of the Doctor, with two different hats. Sorry, neither is a fez, but he looks quite nice in his Victorian outfit and in his green coat and Stetson. Rory is wearing a beret and an eyepatch for a wonderful effect. Amy, as always, looks quite nice in a cute outfit and a challenging look on her face.

River Song makes a good figure because her hair is such fun to render in vinyl. Here it’s a pleasant springy mass, and her expression is just right. Clara looks young, with flowing hair and a long dress. Canton (full name: Canton Everett Delaware III, with a nice reference to my tiny home state) is here, looking every inch the FBI agent in a classic agency style suit and tie. It’s wonderful to see Idris as well, and she is not able to bite anyone in her vinyl state.

Vastra – she looks amazing! The vinyl seems to capture all the delightful Silurian ridges and the zygomatic arches on her face. Her Jenny Flint looks terrific as well, looking fierce all in black. Dorium is here, with both a head and body, in his glorious shade of cerulean blue. Last is The Curator, looking wise and humble, just as would wish to be.

Titan vinyl figures are appreciated by collectors because they’re somewhat bendy. Their proportions are different than the POP! vinyl figures, and they are less rigid. All of these figures come 3” blind-boxed and several have accessories. Collectors, NB: There are four hidden chase figures to discover!

As it says on every box, #WeLoveTITANS. Read more here.


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