Blogtor Who has created a unique chart to be your guide through the tangles timelines of Time Lord Victorious!

River Song had it easy… As revealed in this week’s official Doctor Who newsletter, Time Lord Victorious follows not two travellers meeting in the wrong order, but six. That wibbly wobbly ball of timey-wimey stuff has never been more tangled. But Blogtor Who have broken down the details of all six paths through the crossover into one at-a-glance graphic. The epic event has been especially designed by producer James Goss and his team to be accessible at multiple levels. Each individual story can stand alone, or you can follow a given character through their adventure for a deeper arc. Or, of course, you can complete multiple paths or get them all!

Blogtor Who's graphic charting the various paths through the Time Lord Victorious arc (c) Blogtor Who Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Ninth Doctor Tenth Doctor Daleks James Goss Ood BBC Books Big Finish Titan Comics Hero Collector Titan Comics
Blogtor Who’s graphic charting the various paths through the Time Lord Victorious arc (c) Blogtor Who

There are six overlapping paths through Time Lord Victorious, each telling a complete story from the perspective of a different character

The Eighth Doctor’s path takes him from a planet where time has been fractured, to an uneasy alliance with an elite Dalek Time Squad. Together they’ll confront the Time Lord Victorious, before their truce falls apart in the aftermath. Meanwhile, the Ninth Doctor and Rose find themselves flung back into the midst of the Great Vampire Wars of the Dark Times. Their quest to discover why they’re in the distant past will bring too, into conflict with the Time Lord Victorious. The Tenth Doctor treads the most difficult path of all. Receiving a warning from the Dalek Emperor, he heads to the Dark Times where he becomes determined to end the Kotturuh’s reign of death. Assuming the mantle of the Time Lord Victorious, he faces off against the Kotturuh, the Daleks, and even his own younger selves. In the aftermath he finds himself on a quest for answers.

Even the monsters make their own paths through the epic tale. For the Daleks it begins with a impossible warning from billions of years in the past. The Emperor forms an elite Dalek Time Squad. But even in an uneasy alliance with their greatest nemesis, will they survive an encounter with the Time Lord Victorious? Only in the aftermath of trying to settle scores with the Eighth Doctor, do the survivors realize the truth of their situation… For the Kotturuh, they rise to power in the Dark Times, spreading their gift of death. But the arrival of the Time Lord Victorious from the distant future threatens everything. And finally, Brian the Ood Assassin hunts his latest target, the Eighth Doctor, before finding himself travelling back to the Dark Times with the Tenth Doctor. But the aftermath may prove just how trustworthy Brian really is.


Doctor Who: All Flesh Is Grass (c) BBC Books Time Lord Victorious Tenth Doctor Eighth Doctor Ninth Doctor Daleks BBC Books
Una McCormack’s novel, Doctor Who: All Flesh Is Grass, is set to be the pivot around which the epic revolves (c) BBC Books
The complete list of Time Lord Victorious tie-ins announced so far:
  • A Dalek Awakens (Escape Hunt, Open Now!)
  • Defender of the Daleks #1 (Titan Comics, 2nd September) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Doctor Who Annual 2021 (BBC Books, 3rd September) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Monsterous Beauty Part One (Doctor Who Magazine #556, 17th September) [Ninth Doctor]
  • The Dawn of the Kotturuh (Doctor Who Newsletter, 23rd September)
  • The Night, the Fool and the Dead (BBC Books, 1st October) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Master Thief/Lesser Evils (Big Finish, 7th October) [The Master]
  • Defender of the Daleks #2 (Titan Comics, 8th October) [Tenth Doctor]
  • He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not (Big Finish, 14th October) [Eighth Doctor]
  • Monsterous Beauty Part Two (Doctor Who Magazine #557, 15th October) [Ninth Doctor]
  • Dalek Golden Emperor/Dalek Drone Figurine Set (Hero Collector, 20th October)
  • Dalek Commander/Dalek Scientist Figurine Set (Hero Collector, 1st November)
  • The Enemy of My Enemy (Big Finish, 11th November) [Eighth Doctor]
  • Monsterous Beauty Part Three (Doctor Who Magazine #558, 12th November) [Ninth Doctor]
  • Defender of the Daleks Collection (Titan Comics, 18th November) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Dalek Executioner/Dalek Strategist (Hero Collector, 23rd November)
  • Echoes of Extinction (Big Finish, 27th November) [Eighth/Tenth Doctors]
  • The Minds of Magnox (BBC Audio/Demon Music Group, 3rd December) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Mutually Assured Destruction (Big Finish, 9th December) [Eighth Doctor]
  • All Flesh is Grass (BBC Books, 10th December) [Eighth/Ninth/Tenth Doctors]
  • Time Lord Victorious/Brian the Ood Figurine Set (Hero Collector, 1st March)
  • Time Fracture (Immersive Everywhere, 2021)
  • The Edge of Time: Time Lord Victorious game expansion (Maze Theory, TBA)



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