The fifth episode of Doctor Who Series 8, Time Heist, has aired, but what did you
think? Please leave your comments in the section below and, obviously,
if you haven’t seen it best not to read. Check out the What Did You Think? for Listen HERE.
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  1. Some great nods to previous doctors, and even a gag regrading the reaction to the promo pics for the 'new' image ("I was going for old school, I think it's turned out more magician")

  2. It's just… It looks so good… The performances are so great… But, like the theme tune, it all feels so rushed right? Using the them tune analogy, the DT years, there were extra beats added to the existing familiar framework, you felt like you were getting the same, but more… But everything has got so much better since then… The ideas are so much grander, the subtleties so much more clever, but now it feels like we've reached critical mass. Churning through great ideas at such phenomenal pace we can't take them seriously. Wouldn't we be better off having some two parters here and there? Time heist could so have been a two parter. Pacing was wrong in key scenes because you know we were building up to a big set piece again. It's fine to have a pertwee/baker-esque character. But he needs more space to flex. Eyebrows alone not enough. They need to breathe.

  3. Loved it too. Best of the series so far for me. They just got everything right with this one and nice to have an episode like Robot of Sherwood where it doesn't attempt to do anything more then entertain you. Job well and truly accomplished then. Next week looks so very very good too. Can't wait.

  4. I agree I wish we had more two parters! Great episode though, but still sometimes things feel rushed when there aren't two parters.

  5. It was quite nice – the Doctor's reasoning for breaking a bank was sort of archetypal, typical Doctor stuff. Not as atmospheric or genre perfecting as "Hide" but in a similar vein. Psi and Mutant-Girl and Kalabraxos were interesting. And the vibe of the place, big alien decadence and architecture felt like a bit of a callback to your New New New Earths or Libraries or other locales we haven't gotten much of since Eccleston/Tennant – the big huge mundane space made extraordinary because it's futuristic and spacey.

    But even though I witnessed the sequence of events leading toward the slightly predictable twist … isn't it necessarily a paradox? A spiral in time where the Doctor would've had to have completed a run through the bank first, with a successful lone heist, just to be able to get to Kalabraxos to give her his number?

    But then … he didn't give her his number, did he? The logistics of the heist mechanics I get and make sense – it was all engineered with-TARDIS by him before the memory wipe, and we narratively conflate the memory wipe with the time aspects of it, the only one of which is the phone call.

    Anyway, fun stuff. Ample reminders and hints of things to come. Another mention of clones or duplicates or the Doctor not trusting his own face. Kalabraxos and Delphox purposefully resembling "Missy". And people calling the TARDIS phone who shouldn't be.

  6. is it too soon to speculate on Psy's reward? the doctor said he'd seen it once before. i'm guessing way back in the day at the library, with doctor donna. is it the same tech that 'saved' you-know-who?

  7. Also – it was absolutely brilliant, as they have all been so far this season. Capaldi has nailed the Doctor, without a date; Clara has an actual personality and is worth watching; the change in tone, structure, pace, etc of the show is phenomenal. Long may Moffat reign!

  8. Best episode for Capaldi yet. Okay, so the idea of a bunch of people running around the galaxy's most secure bank by nipping through air con grills is a bit daft, but I like the time travel conundrum, and the alien was easily one of the best for decades til the two wandered off naked into Eden, at which point they resembled upright cattle in flares!)

  9. I liked it, but was I the only one who found the Doctor's offhanded dismissal of Psi and Saibra's deaths a bit… not-very-Doctor-y? And when they come back alive, he almost seems… cross? I'm not sure about this particular facet to his personality. I love that he's less touchy feely, but it would be wrong to lose the Doctor's compassion all together.

  10. Great, but I'm still finding that a lot of dialog is lost due to either not being clear enough (BBC "mumbling" that happens with many programmes now) or being drowned out with the atmospheric music.
    I get it on the second viewing but would much prefer it to be clearer first time round.


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