The Next Time trailer for Time Heist may have had eagle-eyed Doctor Who fans rubbing them with joy as a few villains from the past were presented very briefly onscreen. Blogtor has collected some images of them together. Click on the images for bigger versions.

In the pics above you can see a Terileptil (first seen in The Visitation and mentioned again most recently in The Pandorica Opens and The Time of the Doctor) and a Slitheen (or, rather a Raxacoricofallapatorian) as featured in a number of episodes.

In the pics above you can find a Sensorite, from The Sensorites; and Abslom Daak (a Dalek killer from Doctor Who comic strips). Click on the images for bigger versions.

In the images below you can find (L-R): Androvax, from The Sarah Jane Adventures stories Prisoner of the Judoon and The Vault of Secrets (and mentioned in Pond Life and Dreamland); The Trickster, from various The Sarah Jane Adventures stories (and mentioned in Turn Left): and Captain John Hart, from Series 2 of Torchwood.


  1. Oh wow, is that Sabalom Glitz or Pex? And I see that creature from Torchwood I think, along with Captain John! Not to mention the other aliens, I wonder if they mention them all by name?

  2. Wait nevermind they're all named down below. Lol. Thought that was Sabalom Glitz or Pex at first though.


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