The 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special, and the final story for Matt Smith as everyone’s favourite Gallifreyan, The Time of the Doctor has aired, but what did you
think? Please leave your comments in the section below and, obviously,
if you haven’t seen it best not to read.
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  2. the regeneration was superb. of course it wasnt ike any of the previous ones. thats what makes it so good. thats what keeps the show alive.

  3. I think the regeneration scene (from the "I don't give a fuck, you lousy Daleks" to the proper send off) was perfect. That is Doctor Who. Keep stalling until something amazing happens, then take the credit for it. Perfect

    But I am sad for Matt. I don't want him to go…

  4. He used the newly acquired regenerative energy to wipe out an entire Dalek army! What's not to like?! So what if he just quick flashes into Capaldi? He used up so much energy to the point that he rejuvinated his youthful appearence. No duh, it's not gonna be that spectacular a change when it occurred!

    At least, that's how I look at it.

  5. A splendid example of lazy writing. Moffatt – get out of the way and let Peter Capaldi shine under someone else's pen.

  6. Hmmm… not sure. The early comedy scenes were excellent, the origins of the Silence were good, the regeneration was actually really sweet and Capaldi's first scene was brilliant, but the rest felt a bit… schizophrenic. I'm not sure it actually explains the cracks and the silence falling in Venice and on the fish-people world and so on, and the war on Trenzalore's surface felt a bit, well, peripheral. Maybe I missed something, I felt curiously disengaged throughout, I'll have to watch it again 😉

  7. I felt the episode was pretty good, although not the best episode since the series came back, it was no Blink!

    Regeneration wise, not as epic as David Tennant's regeneration, and I must admit, I felt the regen went on a bit, in a disjointed way, before the final pop from Smith to Capaldi.

    The worst part of that episode though was that I couldn't understand what Capaldi was saying as his first words as The Doctor, due to the horrible sound mixing with Murray's music! I had to revert to reading a transcript of it!

  8. It's like watching a train wreck.
    Matt acts his socks off in the untenable circumstances. He really deserved a better writer.
    Moffat's writing again relies on deus ex machina plot device and the characterisation is absolute rubbish.

  9. This episode almost completely lacked a plot. Moffat just tosses away regenerations for no reason creating the phony baloney crisis of the "last doctor." So first, in Eccleston's era, not having the time lords around made it easier to muck with things from Father's Day to that time lord triumphant rubbish. But now he needs the time lords to alter the future? I'll ignore the Scooby Doo resolution for the crack (it was the time lords all along).

    The refeneration wad crap, trumping even RTD's pointlessly explosive end for Tennant. But let's ignore that, matt SHOULD have regenerated after going nuclear. None of this "oh you're younger" crap for another 5 minutes.

    Capaldi's entrance was poor as a result. If the BBC want to save this show they need to FIRE MOFFAT.

  10. I loved it.

    Had it been up to me, I would have had Capaldi in the tower after Smith defeated the Daleks with his regeneration energy. Then again, that would have robbed us of the last glimpse of Amy Pond, which I enjoyed very much. After just one minute, I already love Capaldi as the Doctor and I'm very excited for the new season.

    The Doctor is dead! Long live the Doctor!

  11. Been a fan since the 60s and matt had become my favourite doctor. loved the regeneration short sharp shock and flashback of the crack in god complex. matt you wete fantastic. Thank you

  12. Hated it!!!!! 1 1/2 hours of Matt growing old in between commercials ( along with the rest of us) then quickly regenerating into an old man complaining about his kidneys!!!! Typical, and to liminalD, You say Capaldi's first scene was brilliant? What did he do….a creepy scowl at Clara and then yell about his kidneys????? Really?
    I've been a fan for years and I think I may have just retired. Matt and his final episode deserved much more. from Chris to David to Matt were great…….enough sad, I mean said.

  13. So the first ten doctors (+ metacrisis doctor and war doctor) were alive for about 906 years. As of the day of the doctor, Matt Smith's doctor claimed to have been in that body for 300 years approximately. Then in the time of the doctor, Matt Smith's doctor resides on trenzalore for at least another 300-400 years. Moffat always reminds us that the doctor lies and that his she may be one of his biggest lies after his age, but it became ridiculous. I think Moffat enjoys his doctor who? Joke entirely too much. It was clever when Dorian said it at the of season six, but every subsequent time became taxing.

    I do hope Tasha Lem is explained more thoroughly. That was bugging me almost as much as the lack of resolve regarding the zygons did in day of the doctor…

    I guess I expected more from the episode… Matt Smith was great. he will be missed. I also thought capaldi's first scene felt rushed and flat. I liked the post-regeneration sequences of 8, 9, and 10 better than 11

  14. Weak storyline, terrible pacing, contrived reversals, awful regeneration.

    Felt like pandering: "So, you see, the 11th Doctor has lived a full life, and now he's old, and so his going isn't so terrible … and, besides, he gets one more victory vs. the Daleks. Oh, and, by the way, here he is, somehow young again ("reset" ???!!!), and he even gets to see Amy one last time …"

    Feel the 7th season has been the weakest since the show's revival. Perhaps the success went to Moffat's head. Sad to see a great program deteriorate.

  15. They should have shot the Pond scenes on the Pond control room set.

    Moffat said he had a plan and we didn't know what it was. We still don't know what it is (was?), and he's running out of time; by some standards, he just did.

  16. Poor storytelling could have been so much betterand as for the end made no sense whatsoever goodbye mat hello peter and sorry Steven that was disapointing

  17. I liked it. The 11th Doctor's final monologue was superb. However, the 12th's first scene was a little ropy. (But to be fair, I thought the first scene of the 11th was also a little forced).
    All in all it was a fitting send off to Matt and great way to end WHO's 50th year.

  18. I enjoyed it.

    The regeneration itself was perfect. A little bit of RTD era OTT but mostly it was how a regeneration should be no fuss just say a few lines and then change.

    I got a bit emotional when Clara and her Gran were talking and then again when we see the Doctor has aged and is near death.

    Did it all make sense? Hell no! That is why I love this show!

    I will miss Matt Smith. I do look forward to seeing Peter Capaldi.

  19. On an emotional level I enjoyed it a great deal. It worked and the recycle/regeneration was perfectly different as it should be.

    It had some great moments but I just struggled with the entire concept of the Doctor defending a small, simple village for centuries. Either the Doctor would have found a way to end the stalemate within a few weeks at most, or the bad guys would have found a way to destroy the town, especially once the shield was down.

  20. I've stopped watching Doctor Who since Moffat took over. I find his storylines absolutely ludicrous, and far too complicated for true family viewing. Last nights effort was no different.

  21. One thing puzzled me – the Silent(s) and Clara.

    Clara is human, of the current era and I'm sure she must have seen the moon landings.

    So, how come she didn't do what everyone is supposed to do having seen the moon landings and heard the recording of the Silent who said "You should kill us all on sight."?

    Instead of attacking it, she feared it. Just wondered.

  22. Adore Matt but Moffat is shit. Truly shit lazy writing, ruining the show. Yet another Graham Williams JNT that stays well past his welcome.

  23. Unfathomable to those who hadn't been closely watching the last three years, but this was another offering for the fans (as with the 50th) and intended to tie up the loose ends from Matt Smith's era before a clean start with Capaldi.

    Expect Matt to be festooned with awards for both this performance and the preceding three years – has there ever been an actor more adored by the media in this role?

    Hope Moffat can now ditch the sniggering schoolboy humour, tedious sexism and grow up to match his new grown up Doctor.

    Rating for acting: A+
    Rating for tidying up plot points from the past: B
    Rating for Smith-Colman serious and tender dialogue : A
    Rating for writing for female characters : F
    Rating for entire episode: C+

  24. I liked it..however no it was not perfect…I would have liked his regeneration to take a moment or two longer…but at least it was not like 10's where I was ready to shoot him myself just to get it over with. Amy telling him goodnight was the heartbreaker for me. Also…how anyone could hate The Girl Who Waited…you must be souless.

  25. Better than previous Xmas specials, it wound up Matt's tenure nicely & answered a load of long hanging questions. I never would have guessed that the Silents were genetically engineered confessional priests in a million years.

    Regeneration sequence was great, heck instead of damaging his Tardis he used the energy blast to destroy the Dalek fleet. Definitely a good way to end even if his new kidneys are the wrong colour ;-P

  26. I loved it. The entire feel of the show fit Matt's Doctor. It was a lovely testimony to the time when he wore the face of the most beloved Doctor of all.

  27. Loved it !!

    Good balance of wrapping up plots and leaving a few strands left for next season. Great to finally know exactly why Madam Kovarian wanted The Doctor dead, beautiful piece of timey wimey manipulation there Moffster.

    Heartbreaking but much appreciated Pond cameo, perfect touch. 'The first face that this face saw' has to be one of the best lines of dialogue Matt has ever come out with, lovely acting.

    Would have liked a little more Weeping Angels action but thats just me being picky.

    Not your normal xmas or regeneration episode, but as someone said above thats what makes the show great.

  28. I thought that was a terrible episode, an absolute car crash. Confused, incoherent, implausible. Just chucking an extra 100 or 200 years on the Doctor's lifespan just for fun? I've actually enjoyed most of the Moffat era and Smith's portrayal of the Doctor, but it's now just getting far too silly.

  29. I think it was great! I've never understood why people get so angry about "plot holes" or whatever. This is Doctor Who. It's ALWAYS had plot holes regardless of the writer. It's ALWAYS been silly. That's pretty much its hallmark. I have loved every Doctor. I have loved every era. Every producer and writer has done what every actor has done – brought something unique to the show. And Moffat is certainly unique.

    I don't understand the complaint that the regeneration was slow. If anything, it was long. It was going from the moment he was on the belltower. Was I the only one watching that?

    Also, what is often forgotten, is Moffat has never chosen the format of the show. He has around 40 minutes to cram a huge finale. That's not easy. I'm sure there's a lot of things he'd like to put in there without reducing it to the bare simplicity of a sitcom. Or an episode of Star Trek. Which, I might add, also had plot holes…

    Please, everyone with the complaints about how awful it was, tell me what scifi shows you are watching which are so sublimely perfect and bare of plot holes and don't use the deus ex machina device. Tell me about this mythical show which has awesome acting, writing and producing. Whose special effects are Hollywood level. Please tell me. I'm actually craving a good show between Doctor Who episodes.

  30. The regeneration was handled with real creativity here – making it as jarring and traumatic for the viewer as it was for Clara. A brilliant stroke which we should give Moffat, an easy target for much else, due credit for.

  31. Well, to tell you the truth, I didn't like it very much. Like someone said, Matt Smith deserved so much more.
    What about the silence? Are they good or bad guys? No explanation about that, very odd.

  32. I didn't like it. I think it had good scenes but were ruined by the following one. It doesn't have 10 straight minutes of awesomeness, there's always a "really? you must be kidding me, what's this nonsense?" lurking around.

    The regeneration scene was going so well, Daleks exploding and all, and then another 5 minutes of absurd filling, with the Doctor younger and hallucinating about Amy (he's clearly obsessed, he doesn't even minds Clara or remembers Rory or River or the people from the town he has lived for centuries… only Amy).

    Very disappointed, I think he deserved a better ending 🙁

  33. Watching it on US BBCA proved to be a bad thing, commercials ruined the flow of the episode. After watching it via iTunes it's a heartfelt send off for a Doctor no one wanted but in the end didn't really want to go. I hope Peter learns to fly the T.A.R.D.I.S pretty fast. 😀

  34. Pacing was off, story was too chaotic, and as usual, potholes big enough to drive a truck through. Was never a huge Eleven fan, so I didn't cry at goodbye. Looking forward to seeing how Capaldi does. Though wondering if they lose the hipster audience Smith/Gillan/Darvill built up.

  35. It was rubbish from nude opening to super-fast regeneration.

    What IS it w/all these fans crying at EVERY episode? The closest I ever came to crying was at the Third Doctor's regeneration. Then again, it had things Doctor Who has lacked: strong acting, sensible story, a genuine threat, and no overblown Murray Gold blaring at us telling us, "FEEL SAD! FEEL SAD!"

    Having detested River Song almost from the get-go, seeing her doppelganger Tasha Lem didn't help.

    Ultimately, if Doctor Who continues as is, if Capaldi is Smith 2.0, then it will not last to see its 75th Anniversary, let alone 60th still on the air.

  36. Smith's farewell moments were wonderful. Everything else was a tragic mess. And Murray Gold's music is ruining this show. It never changes, it's always too loud, and they play it constantly over every scene recycling it over and over. It drowns out any real emotion that could be felt and feels like a corporate version of Muzak for the Masses.

    Also, am I crazy or was it obvious they couldn't get Dorian Maldova back and replaced him with "Handles", just as they wanted River Song and instead made up this new Tesha character? Just like his egomaniacal laziness with the 50th by adding a new Doctor since Chris said no, Moffat has no respect for his viewers. Fact.

    When they finally stop trying to write this show for 13 year old girls and by marketing 101, the entire franchise will improve. Until then, DOCTOR WHO ended with WEDDING OF RIVER SONG as far as I'm concerned. Everything since has been godawful clownshoes.

  37. Some people simply weren't paying attention. The regeneration happened in the tower when he blew up the Daleks. Then it temporarily "reset", as he said and he still looked the same until he hallucinated, saw Amy, and dropped the tie. Then BAM – Capaldi. Regeneration complete. Watch other regens of the past and tell me this one was rubbish. You're crazy.

    While I agree Season 7 was on warp speed (they need to go back to the Season 5/6 format of tying episodes together), I dearly loved Matt's sendoff. I am so glad the crack in the wall was finally explained and dealt with. Little Amelia didn't look like Catlin Blackwood and that is the one and only thing that disappointed me…they could have at least found someone that resembled Amelia, or not shown her face. At any rate, I would have been extremely disappointed had they not shown Amelia/Amy in some way, even if it had only been flashbacks. I could not have been happier with that. I cried like I was at a funeral. Matt was an outstanding Doctor and he will be missed.


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