As the Whittaker Era begins, the Thirteenth Doctor is set to make her Doctor Who Magazine comic strip debut in issues 531

The Doctor Who Magazine comic strip is one of the most iconic and long lasting strands of the Doctor’s adventures. It began as Doctor Who Weekly #1 in 1979, and featuring Tom Baker’s Doctor as drawn by Dave Gibbons and written by John Wagner and Pat Mills. It’s being going strong ever since, changing Doctors along with the television series.

The nature of its schedule means that, by tradition, the ‘old’ Doctor remains in the strip after their onscreen regeneration. They stay the strip’s resident Doctor up until the month before the new Doctor arrives on TVs worldwide. DWM #530 saw an emotionally searing climax to the Twelfth Doctor and Bill’s comic strip adventure. And now DWM have given a sneak peak into the Thirteenth’s debut in DWM #531.

Featuring the pencils of John Ross, working from a script by Scott Gray, the two panels show the new Doctor at home with comic book action. Venusian Akido, it seems, is like riding a Venusian bicycle – once you’ve ridden one, you never forget it (no matter how badly you may want to).

The Thirteenth Doctor’s inaugural DWM strip will come just one day after Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #1 hits all good comic shops. It’s set to be a busy week for Doctor Who comic book fans.

It’s almost time…

The Warmonger Part One will be in Doctor Who Magazine #531, released Thursday the 18th of October. DWM is published by Panini and available from all good newsagents or on subscription (with exclusive textless covers) here.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One at 6.45pm on Sunday, the 7th of October with The Woman Who Fell to Earth by Chris Chibnall. Series 11 stars Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor), Mandip Gill (Yasmin Khan), Bradley Walsh (Graham O’Brien) and Tosin Close (Ryan Sinclair)


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