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The Snowmen – What Did YOU Think?

The 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Snowmen, has aired – but what did YOU think? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. If you haven’t seen the episode, I suggest you DON’T read the comments!

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  1. HEY,what's happened? Steven's gone completely crazy 😀 three Oswins? HONESTLY? My mind is blowing )) New Tardis is…well,it's marvelous but the previous one is…well I miss her=) don't like this Clara/Doctor,what about River?? oh I'm completely confused !:D

  2. The episode was lovely! The best Christmas Special so far! And seems we're going to have fun with Clara. I can't wait for the second half of the season 😀

    As references to Asylum of the Daleks started popping up I couldn't help picturing Steven Moffat waving and saying "see you in April" with an evil grin across his face.

  3. Three Oswins? Now that's a whole different birthday 😉

    Honestly loved it. I can see why it tops your Christmas list, though I still find EoT(1) and Invasion as personal favourites, especially as the latter was the first full episode I'd ever watched.

    But how the show has evolved. Love the colours of the new titles, love what Murray's done to the theme tune, love the new features of the TARDIS I can't wait to get to the centre of – roll on April!

    P.S. Matt in a deerstalker was a Comic Relief waiting to happen. It's brilliant that he managed to pull it off in an actual story. Long live the Moff!

  4. References to the past and faces in the credits and a retro TARDIS interior for the geeks. A glossy chocolate box look, emotive bits, and japes aplenty for the half-drunk parents and the kids. The 'perky' new companion should be non-threatening enough for both the casual and committed demographics.

    That's Doctor Who these days isn't it? I think it's rubbish myself. It has about as much to do with science fiction as the celebrity dancing thing that comes on BBC after it. Geeks will be disgusted at my comments but geeks are not science fiction fans. Geeks are cross-reference fans. They are kind of like stamp collectors only stamp collectors don't think so much of themselves or destroy whole genres with their trivial demands.

    I like plots, concepts, atmosphere, and imagination myself. I did enjoy Strax and Jenny and her Silurian wife though. They were actually funny, unlike the (writer slaps self on the back) Sherlock bit.

    It would be grand if it was just the xmas specials that were like this but it's pretty much every episode these days. No longer the show for me I suppose.

  5. Love the return of the Great Intelligence! Considering the GI is a disembodied intelligence living without a form, and Miss Oswin's intelligence seems to share this property, able to manifest in different places throughout time, I wonder if they are connected. Will we see the Great Intelligence again?

    Great, Intelligent episode! 10/10 Oh, cmon, that was funny!

  6. Loved it all! The best Christmas special made yet! Jenna-Louise stole this whole deal from Smith this time, although Smith owns this role now.

    I'm mixed on the new TARDIS look as I rather liked the previous one but since the Doctor has closed the chapter on the Ponds and moved on, maybe the new TARDIS set is needed for this new chapter. Also Smith's wardrobe seems to be going a bit old school as well in the Coming Soon scenes. His silhouette looks like Classic Who. A throwback look since the 50th Anniversary is soon here I suspect. But then again Tom Baker has a different Interior TARDIS and slight wardrobe tidy-up as well during his run.

    Otherwise… A+++. Smith rules.

    I hope Moff goes back and shoots the P.S. scene… he really needs to add it into the Angels episode after the credits.

  7. I really think the new TARDIS interior is a downgrade. That glass floor was BRILLIANT. It really opened up the space and made it seem majestic. This new set seems small, cramped and dull by comparison. Not liking that change. The new titles sequence looks good. I think the Doctor's costume is an upgrade. I think it did need a vest to help accentuate the bow tie.

  8. That was the best Christmas special so far. Three Oswins. REALLY!! I just cant wait for the next half of the season. It is going to be amazing. :3

  9. LOVED the episode!!! Is it just me or does anyone else think Clara IS RIVER!?!?!?!? He somehow saved her from the Library and this is what we get!?!?!?!? She "remembers" and says "You clever boy". Oh, that is so River. I guess we will just see how this season pans out and see what happens.

  10. I was so looking forward to this episode, and honestly it felt like more Moffat rubbish. I hate knowing that the 50th will be like what I just watched.lyzh

  11. Not only did The Doctor get his mojo back, it feels like the whole show got it's mojo back. Jenna-Louise Colman is like a breath of fresh airI absolutely can't wait until the series resumes, and I haven't felt like that for a long time.

  12. Very enjoyable! On par with "Christmas Carol," if not a notch above. I love the title sequence: return of the Doctor's face and the "Pertwee Vortex" FTW! And I looove Jenna. She had to do a LOT in this story, and she pulled it off – good to see that her acting talent is equal to those amazing dimples. 😉

    I concede that the new Control Room lacks the majesty of the previous one, but from what I understand, that room had been a nightmare for the production team (glass floors, reflections, etc.). I'm cool with this one. Tom Baker's Doctor would have been very comfortable in it.

    Well done, Moff!

  13. Ever purchase a bag of crisps because they came in a fancy looking bag? Were you ultimately disappointed that the crisps just didn't satisfy your appetite?

    I like Moff, but often feel I am more often now offered a flashy bag to draw me in and I only find a few crisps inside once opened.

    This episode felt like Asylum did. I am not sure where the Moff creativity with Silence In the Library and Blink has gone. We now get stories where there is really very little happening, nonsensical plot, and yet the action on the screen tries to convince you something is happening by being so frantic. Then, at the fifty minute mark comes the hasty, convenient endings…the enemy defeated by human emotion plot device or some sonic screwdrivered lottery ticket. The endings are sudden and too tidy, which feels rushed and either lazy or formulaic writing on Moff's part.

    Take away the shiny new toys of this episode and look at the ep on its own merits….would you think it as bland as the last two years' Xmas specials?

  14. Wow I was so excited for this episode as the first without Amy Pond (who frankly drove me away from the show), and wow was I disappointed. In fact, I was actually a bit bored, which is horrible for Doctor Who. I rolled my eyes at the "meet cute" of the Doctor and Clara's first meeting and the banter that felt forced. We're told that the Doctor is in a funk and under self-imposed isolation more than we're actually shown it, so it had little emotional resonance for me. That could have been some interesting character development if it had lasted more than 20 minutes. Clara was likable enough but it just felt like she was shoved in our face and we were told to like her without a real reason. I'm not even sure why she was initially intrigued by the Doctor. The plot was rather a mess. OK maybe that's usual with Doctor Who but there were no good character moments, I thought, to compensate for the messy plot. What happened to Moffat's usually witty dialogue? And the Sherlock Holmes…way too self-referential for my taste, Moffat. If RTD had written it, the fanboys would be screaming about his enormous ego.

  15. I absolutely ADORED it! I feel sorry for those that found it boring. I thought it was a fantastic ride and the beginning of a wonderful second half of the season!

  16. I thought it was brilliant! I think Clara is going to be a very interesting companion that can intellectually keep up with the doctor. I really loved this episodes visually and can't wait for the rest of the season. My only complaint was the Doctor was getting pretty friendly with Clara (of course she started that). What would River say 😉

  17. Loved it! It had it all:
    Comedy – the gang, especially Strax. Magical – Clara climbing the staircase. 50th Anniversary throwbacks – The Great Intelligence! the new titles were great! The whole psychic snow plot was slightly complicated – I'm not really sure how turning the snow into tears completely got rid of the threat… but oh well. I love Clara and can't wait to see more of her in April!

  18. Seems we have come full circle the credits at the beginning were like the old Dr Who 70s, 80s and the console in the Tardis was like the old console from the 60s 70s 80s. Showing my age now.
    This was one of the better Christmases Dr Who than the past few years. Looking forward to the 50th anniversary

  19. I liked it and could see myself actually being interested in the Oswin storyline, but then at one point I also cared who River Song was.

    Happy New Year, Blogtor and Sandy!

  20. Well, I very much enjoyed it, though for me, A Christmas Carol is the pinnacle of festive specials and The Eleventh Hour is the pinnacle of companion introductions. Despite initial skepticism about the size of the cast, I loved the presentation of Victorian London as a gothic, dangerous place with fantastic creatures and dangers lurking on every corner. It had scares, emotion, humour, and some great set pieces.

    I would have liked a bit more depth to Simeon and am far from happy with the resolution – given that a massive proportion of the episode was focused on Clara trying to cheer the Doctor up so that he could save the world again, with the conclusion being the Doctor all cheered up and giddily screaming “I’m gonna go save the world again”, I find it heavily underwhelming that the Doctor did not, in fact, save the world, and we had another villain defeated by the magical power of human emotion.

    Nevertheless, a fun mystery adventure throughout, a triumph for the design department in particular (except the new TARDIS, which is a cold, depthless fridge with a spinny bit) and an episode I'd be happy to watch again and again.

    Here's an in-depth review on my blog:

  21. I thought the episode was just okay overall… im beginning to get a bit dissapointed in moffat however… when david tennant was the doctor i thought the show was at its bestt. I do love matt smith and thought he was great in season five but season six started to go downhill and its just not the same… the plots arent as thought out enough, especially in the snowmen where they hid the lack of plot with fast paced action scenes.. the sherlock scene really wasnt good. And i cant say i like the new tardis interior. It feels a bit cramped and cold as opposed to the last one which which seemed big and homey(well as homey as an alien time machine can be). I hope that moffat realizes the mistakes hes made and fixes them by season 8 because he evidently hasnt for part 2 of season 7 from what ive seen in the previews.
    And what about River? Season 6. Made her seem huge and important and it looks like clara is the new big thing now and river has just been lost. I doubt that i will stop watching the show- i really do love it, but it needs those few changes that make it the doctor who that we all know and love


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