The trailer for the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special has been unveiled – watch it in the player above. The Snowmen will air on BBC One and BBC America on Dec 25th, 2012. Watch the “prequel” to the special, The Great Detective, HERE.

2012 Children In Need minisode

Alex Kingston reads Doctor Who: The Angel’s Kiss
Tennant on Smith and the 50th
Shada R1 DVD artwork
Doomsday audio commentary


  1. Don't mistake this for a complaint . . . but it's another Victorian Christmas special. Doesn't that make three?

  2. Not really, no. I believe the first Moffatt special wasn't even set on earth (anyone seen any flying sharks recently?). The second was set during WW2.

    So this is strictly speaking the first Victorian Christmas special. Granted, it is the 3rd period Christmas special, which may annoy some. Personally, given that the majority of our Christmas traditions come from the Victorian period, it seems kind of appropriate that the specials have had that olde England feel to them.

  3. Not to mention that even the A Christmas Carol was not set on Earth, the planet's Victorian influence is unmistakable.

  4. Give me another Victorian era Christmas episode over another contemporary Earth Christmas episode any day. Besides, as well as the concept of Christmas as we know it coming from there it makes sense to be where the Doctor retreats to in his current state of mind. Not to mention it allows for a bit of Jenny and Vastra again, and a companion that seems not to come from the present day for once. Who cares about an arbitrary repetition of time period in the face of that much awesome?


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