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The Snowmen – New details & pics

This week’s edition of UK television listings magazine TV & Satellite Week included a Christmas Preview with Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special being the main feature (The Snowmen is also No. 1 in the Radio Times preview list). It includes some new info regarding the episode along with some new images – click on the pics for bigger versions. Here’s what the mag says:

“The hour-long episode, set in Dickensian London, introduces a new-look Doctor to a young governess, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, who is caring for the young young children of widower Captain Latimer, played by former Silent Witness star Tom Ward. [pictured left]

All is not well at the Latimers’ gothic house, however, where something nasty is lurking in the garden, apparently controlled by the sinister Doctor Simeon (Richard E Grant). Reuniting with friendly Sontaran Strax (Dan Starkey), Silurian Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and her friend Jenny (Catrin Stewart), the Time Lord embarks on a dangerous mission that sees him confront a chilling new monster…

Since Coleman was also seen August’s series-opening episode as a deluded Dalek callled Oswin, Who fans will approach the episode with some big questions.

We know she is Matt Smith’s new companion, but what exactly is Oswin’s spitting image doing in Victorian London? Are the two characters connected, and if so, how? ‘That’s part of the mystery that will be explored in the episode,’ hints Ward.

Whatever happens, the Doctor may well have to sweet-talk the lovestruck Latimer before the governess is allowed to exit via the Tardis. ‘Latimer is besotted with her, as anyone would be,’ Ward says of Coleman’s character.

‘She’s sweet, charming, funny and feisty.’ In other words, the ideal companion for the Doctor.”

The Snowmen, written by current showrunner Steven Moffat, will air on Christmas Day (Dec 25th) on BBC One and BBC America.

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