Irish actor Sinéad Keenan (Doctor Who, Being Human) is to lead the cast of new British dystopian short film The Snatcher as Jennifer Petifer

She is joined by Jonathan Slinger as Grand Helpmann, sinister master of ceremonies of The Snatcher.

Production company Dusthouse has launched a new short film, The Snatcher. A dystopian cautionary tale set in a post-Brexit vision of the UK in the near future. A nation which has lurched towards authoritarianism as the economy collapses. The masses are placated by brutal gameshow The Snatcher, where a mix of the desperate and the greedy can gamble their possessions, their homes, and even their children in a series of challenges in the hopes of winning a better life.

Sinéad Keenan played Addams, the Vinvocci salvage captain in The End of Time. She’s also known for playing the werewolf Nina in three seasons of Being Human. And for her BAFTA-nominated role as Mel Jones in 2017’s Little Boy Blue. Keenan’s also known to Irish readers for her years as the Second Farrah Phelan on soap opera Fair City. In The Snatcher she takes on the part of Jennifer, the downtrodden matriarch of the Petifer clan, who finds herself struggling to bring her family through the gauntlet of the Snatcher game show in one piece.

Of the project she says, “I am so very excited to be working with Dusthouse again on The Snatcher. At a time when the world around us seems to be doing some sort of strange recalibration, The Snatcher is an incredibly important piece of work.”
The Snatcher - The Cast (c) Dusthouse
The Snatcher – The Cast (c) Dusthouse

Jonathon Slinger plays Grand Helpmann, the showman and host at the centre of the Snatcher TV show.  Slinger is known for his work at the Royal Shakespeare Company and A Knight’s Tale.

Dusthouse aims to raise £30,000 to help fund production with a series of incentives for individual backers. More details on the production and fundraising can be found at the film’s official site. Progress updates can be found on Dusthouse’s official Twitter

Dusthouse and director Christopher McGill’s previous work includes Obsession starring Jude Law, Frozen starring Suranne Jones and A Christmas Carol starring Phil Davies.

In a country at odds with itself, society seeks refuge in a state-run game show called The Snatcher. Contestants gamble with their worldly possessions in a bid for a better life. Dreams are just a correct answer away. But as easily as they are won so too they can be lost. Contestants must keep their calm, their focus and ultimately their family.


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