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The Sarah Jane Adventures is Coming to BritBox in August

The Series 1 cast of The Sarah Jane Adventures (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who Sarah Jane Smith Maria Luke Smith Clyde Langer Tommy Knight
The Series 1 cast of The Sarah Jane Adventures (c) BBC Studios

All five series of the Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures will be available on streaming service BritBox UK

BritBox UK have announced that The Sarah Jane Adventures will be arriving on their streaming service in August. The show ran for five series, starring the late, much missed Lis Sladen as Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane Smith. Together with her young friends, robot dog K9 and supercomputer Mr. Smith she saved the world from an attic in Bannerman Road on a weekly basis between 2007 and 2011. From next month fans will be able to revisit the CBBC show again, while some younger fans can be introduced to the very special Sarah Jane.

The Sarah Jane Adventures is also being joined by a number of other shows and movies with Doctor Who links. Classic crime thriller Brighton Rock (1948) starring future First Doctor William Hartnell is also arriving on BritBox UK next month. So is Withnail and I (1987) starring Eighth Doctor Paul McGann alongside Richard E Grant (most recently seen as the fantastic Classic Loki in Marvel’s Loki), and The Elephant Man (1980) and Tinker Tailor Solidier Spy (2011) both starring War Doctor actor Sir John Hurt. TV series being added include the Golden Globe nominated Blackpool (2004). The musical crime drama united three Doctors (sort of). David Tennant, David Morrissey (The Next Doctor) and David Bradley (Twice Upon a Time) all star prior to their Doctor Who appearances.

Other new arrivals are also of potential interest to fans. There’s Primeval, which was touted as ITV’s answer to Doctor Who. And Gerry Anderson show Terrahawks too, which continues today thanks to Big Finish.

New viewers can find BritBox at https://watch.britbox.co.uk/ where they offer a seven day full trial, followed by a £5.99 a month fee. And there’s discussion of arranging a watchalong of first episode Invasion of the Bane to celebrate the show’s streaming launch.


  1. Interesting. I wonder if it will return to iPlayer at the same time? It is visably missing since Class joined Torchwood and all of the new series.

    A watchalong of the pilot episode would be an excellent tribute to this awesome programme

  2. Is there a difference between britBox UK and the US version? I was really excited about this, but I live in the US and my BritBox does not yet have Sarah Jane Smith Adventures, how disappointing!


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