The Robots Volume 4 (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Voc D84 Robots of Death Kaldor Sandminer

The Robots Volume 4. Photo montage of five head and shoulder shots above a sandminder (like a huge metal sphinx statue) pushing its way through a dust storm. (l-r) Tula (Claire Rusbrook) around 50, blonde, black and white patterned dress, looking optimistic. Liv (Nicola Walker) about 50, shoulder length brown hair, black leather jacket, serious expression. D84, black and silver robot styled like a 1920s art deco statue come to life. Poul, early 40s, auburn shoulder length hair, a black jumpsuit and a concerned expression. Toos, mid 30s, shoulder length brown hair, black jumpsuit, concerned expression. (c) Big Finish Productions