Included here are details and cover art for next month’s DVD release of The Reign of Terror, check out the extras below and click on the cover art for a bigger version. It’s released as a one-disc set on Jan 28 in the UK and on Feb 12 in North America.

The Reign of Terror
Four remaining episodes with two animated episodes.
Audio Commentary
With (on selected episodes): Carole Ann Ford, Ronald Pickup, Patrick Marley, Neville Smith, Geoffrey Wickham, Caroline Hunt, Timothy Combe, Paul Vanezis, Philip Morris and moderated by Toby Hadoke.
Don’t Lose Your Head
The making of The Reign of Terror featuring Carole Ann Ford, William Russell and Tim Combe.
Robespierre’s Domain Set Tour
A tour of the animated backgrounds. 
Photo Gallery
Animation Gallery
PDF materials: Radio Times Listings
Production Notes Subtitles  


The Legacy Collection – cover art and details
Peter Jackson “may well” do Who!
The Snowmen prequel: Vastra Investigates 
New TARDIS revealed!
Matt Smith on This Morning


  1. Yay, I was getting sick of going to the store and seeing nothing but reissues.

    More new stuff, more old stuff fixed/animated etc….

    Personally I want Big Finish to start animating their stories and releasing them on DVD.


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