The latest episode of Doctor Who Series 7, The Power of Three, has aired in the UK, but what did YOU think? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Please don’t read if you haven’t seen the story, as there will be spoilers.

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  1. Gentle, simple, but utterly engaging story with some touching human moments that I really enjoyed – and the revelation of kate Stewart's identity brought a tear to my eye.

  2. There was no twitter reminder that this was on. Perhaps that's why there are no comments yet?

    I liked the episode. I've been having mixed feelings about this season as first reactions to the episodes (except Asylum – loved that from 1st watch). But I had the same feeling with some episodes last season which I now LOVE, like 'The girl who waited', so I'm sort of betting 7×02-7×04 will grow on me.

    That said, I really liked my first watch of Po3. It was pretty different from other things, with nice dialogues, good acting (Kate -I run UNIT now- Stewart! and Brian 'I'm not a Pond/Yes you are'- Williams have been 2 brilliant additions to this first half of the season)…

    The bad thing? They've set up so many things concerning Rory and Amy and their lives now, that I feel their departure is going to have more questions unanswered than I'd like. Hopefully I'll be wrong.

  3. At last. Caught up with Town Called Mercy and Power of Three on iPlayer last night and the series seems redeemed! Simple plots but you get a sense that there's more going on behind the story – the possibility of an arc of sorts. The Doc's behaviour is utterly uncharacteristic but then there are huge gaps in what we now know of him – ten-year on-and-of relationship with the Ponds means many more adventures of which we know nothing, many more mysterious influences on his behaviour.
    Now look at his execution of the Silurian genocide character in "Dinosaurs…" as possibly not being down to mere hypocrisy… wielding of a gun in "Mercy…" not just a continuity balls-up.
    "Angels…" looks very intriguing now.

  4. Thought it was a much better ep than 'Dinosaurs' with better dialogue and some really heartfelt moments – especially the Doctor talking to Amy about "running to" the universe (really reminded me of Patrick Troughton in 'Tomb of the Cybermen')

    Kate Stewart was excellently introduced and fantastically played by Jemma Redgrave. It also felt like Mark Williams had more of a chance to play Rory's dad, rather than all the hectic running around in 'Dinosaurs'.

    However, for all the build-up, the resolution felt a bit weak and I wasn't entirely sure why the Shakri stole people (surely the cubes had been studying humanity for months?). Also, the BBC 24 hour news coverage clips and celeb cameos felt annoyingly RTD-esque.

    Still, a pretty good episode.

  5. First two thirds of the episode was great-cube mystery vs Doctor and the Ponds at home. However, the last third with the alien spaceship seemed like the writer ran out of time and just threw together an ending and hope no one would notice it didn't make sense.

    Considering next week, it was very interesting that Brian encouraged the Ponds to go with the Doctor and to bring them back safely.

  6. I'm just amazed that UNIT had such awesome technology to subject the cubes to 200 degree heat! I wish I had that sort of technology…oh wait…

  7. Chris Chibnall is redeemed in my eyes for the disappointment of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Sure, the invasion plot was weak, and the creepy craggy man was defeated way too easily, but I can let that slip, because the exploration of the Dr/Amy/Rory relationship, along with the comedic aspects, kept me thoroughly entertained throughout. I found the foreboding of Amy and Rory's fate very sad, especially the beautifully touching scene outside the Tower of London – really assured, emotional performances from Smith and Gillan. Kate Stewart was more endearing than the majority of RTD's UNIT officers (if we never see Lee Evans' scientific advisor again, it will be too soon), had a great chemistry with the Doctor, and had a sensible reason to be in the story, which is more than can be said for some other Chris Chibnall supporting characters. Chibnall's best Doctor Who yet.


    Review on my blog:

  8. I agree completely with heatherfeather. The last part seemed rushed and thrown together last minute. It was weak, made little sense, and left way too many questions. The only thing that kept this episode going was the relationship side of Pond Life, which was fantastic.

  9. I liked the premise of this story. It explored human nature. How would people react to a bunch of black cubes poppping up everywhere. They'd take them home and adopt them like pet rocks! And the problems that poses for the Doctor in fighting a potential threat was interesting. And perhaps the Doctor's TRUE enemy in this story is…boredom! And it almost defeats him until he spends an hour cleaning Pond Base. Kate Stewart seemed like she had potential, but there was too much to do in this story to really explore how she changes the Doctor's relationship with UNIT.

    This story was especially about Brian Pond. We got to see how Brian deals with adversity, how he deals with an alien invasion and his daughter being mixed up in it, and how he feels about his daughter travelling through time. This is a bit odd because the title is "the Power of 3" and Brian isn't one of the 3. But this was without a doubt a Brian-centric story.

    The story taught us that Brian is cooperative, dilligent, and open-minded. In a way, he is a lot like Rory. Don't they say girls marry a guy who reminds them of their father? It seems to be true in this case.

    Maybe "the Power of 3" is really Brian, Amy, and Rory…

    The ending was naff, with the Doctor going all deus ex machina and resolving the plot and curing billions of heart attacks in a couple of minutes.

    But I'd say this was the best story of season 7 to date.

  10. My, what a polarizing season this has been. I loved "Asylum," many people hated it. I was very meh on this one, others are loving it. Not sure what it is about this season in particular that is dividing people. There's always been some disagreement but it seems to really be in the forefront these days.

    Heading into this episode, I was terrified because I kept hearing it was very "RTD like." So I may have gone into this cringing (Not an RTD fan). So maybe I need to rewatch this and decide again. There were things I liked but overall, it was the RTD elements that I hated (mostly the whole "the plot/crisis doesn't matter as much as the character exploration" angle). Really, I think a good writer can balance character exploration and a strong plot. That didn't happen here. The invasion story was lame (just like "The Lodger") and I think there's no excuse for that.

    I won't go so far as to say I hated this (although I've also never really been fond of Chibnall's work, to be honest) but plusses did not overcome the minuses for me.


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