Candy Jar Books have another free gift for their readers for 2 days only! It’s the Kindle Edition of ‘The Norris Girls’!

You love Candy Jar Books Lethbridge-Stewart range and they take care of their fans by offering free short stories from time to time but they’re so much more than just The Brigadier. They have a great variety of books and in this case they’re offering Nigel Hinton’s ‘The Norris Girls’!

The Blurb

“Dad is away in a dangerous place, but life must go on for the Norris girls.

Beth dreams of being in the school musical, especially when super cool Josh gets the lead part.

Georgy trains every day, trying to win a place in the Inter-Counties Athletics Championships, but first she has to beat her arch-rival, Layla.

And Katie wants an animal to look after – a dog or cat or a rabbit would do, but if she could choose one thing in the whole world it would be a pony.

The Norris Girls by Nigel Hinton
The Norris Girls by Nigel Hinton

Filled with tears and laughter, heartache and longing, this is Little Women for the twenty-first century.”

Where to get it

You can download your free copy from or if you’re a paper only fan you can purchase your copy at the Candy Jar Webstore.

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