The Making of Doctor Who is reborn this June as a host of famous names perform a new audio edition

One classic 1970s book that played a major role in how generations of fans think about Doctor Who. And it’s making a comeback for the 60th Anniversary like you’ve never seen, or heard, it before. The Making of Doctor Who is getting a new BBC Audio adaption. More than that, a host of familiar names are giving voice to the series of articles and documents about the show. It was in the book’s second edition that Terrance Dicks coined the phrase “never cruel or cowardly … he never gives in and he never gives up” to describe the Doctor. It’s a phrase that future fans and writers came to define the essential essence of the character. Later it even worked its way on screen with The Day of the Doctor.

The new audio version features an impressive list of classic performers. The new team includes impressionist and actor Jon Culshaw, as well as everybody’s favourite Sontaran Dan Starkey, Maureen O’Brien (Vicki), Louise Jameson (Leela), Katy Manning (Jo), and Geoffrey Beevers (The Master.) The exact format is still unknown for now. However, Dicks wrote much of the original text from his point of view as a writer and script editor.  This raises the possibility that Culshaw will deliver portions of the new version ‘in character.’

We’ll find out for sure when The Making of Doctor Who arrives in our ears on the 1st of June.


The Making of Doctor Who. Cover by Chris Achilleos (c) BBC Audio
The Making of Doctor Who. Cover by Chris Achilleos (c) BBC Audio

The Making of Doctor Who

Journey back in time with this nostalgic audio presentation performed by Jon Culshaw, Dan Starkey, Maureen O’Brien, Louise Jameson, Katy Manning and Geoffrey Beevers.

It’s the 1970s, and you’re invited behind the scenes of Doctor Who. You’ll go on location to witness the recording of two classic TV adventures (The Sea Devils and Robot) and spend time inside a vintage BBC television studio. You’ll also learn how to write a script or make a monster, 1970s-style!

Authors Terrance Dicks and Malcolm Hulke will guide you through the first ten years of Doctor Who history, detailing how it was created, the people who brought it into being, and the actors who portrayed the Doctor, his friends and their monstrous enemies.

Along the way you’ll hear some of the Doctor’s key early adventures recounted as Time Lord records, UNIT Memos, and other in-story documentation.

Brought to life by an array of familiar Doctor Who voices, this celebration of the programme’s early days is a delight for fans of all ages.


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