The Day of the Doctor mini-episode The Last Day, which was released on iTunes earlier this week, is now available to view on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel – watch it in the player below.
Its description reads: “First day on the front line? Time to attach a
Headcam for a soldier’s point-of-view. What could possibly go wrong?” The Last Day will also be available on The Day of the Doctor DVD and Bluray – details HERE.

The Day of the Doctor simulcasts around the world on Nov 23 at
7.50pm [GMT]
Visit for more info.


  1. Hmmm. Waste of budget, imo. That added nothing to the story and nothing to DOCTOR WHO.

    Let's face it, Russel T Davies was right. The more mystery you leave with the Time War, the better it is for everyone. It's bad enough Mr. Moffat feels that he is the one to cement the story. But, so far his examples of Gallifrey (NAMEotD and now this) leaves a lot to be desired. It might as well be future Earth, given how pedestrian the Gallifreyan and Time Lord cultures are shown to act. Personally, I'm a very plain person. So, if MY imagination is better than this, what does that say about all the thousands of children with massively superior imagination?

    As for the "story"….one Dalek? Really? That's all it takes? Hyperbole, much?

    I suspect this will be quickly forgotten. I know I plan on doing so…

  2. I'm thrilled Moffat closed the 8th Doctor's story, but this addition was a bit weak and unnecessary. I don't really know what purpose it served, although it may very well make more sense after the 50th Special.

  3. I agree with Ozzy. Looks like the myth of the Time War, one of the great modern Dr Who legends, is going to be 'depicted' in ways we might not have expected or wanted. Never mind, I'm sure there'll be some nice jokes about fezzes.


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