Genetics of the Daleks Clean Textless

Programme Name: Doctor Who Series 11 - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Picture Shows: The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER) - (C) BBC Studios / BBC - Photographer: Henrik Knudsen

Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – Genetics of the Daleks, starring Tom Baker. The Fourth Doctor, looking unusually determined and angry, glowers, holding his sonic screwdriver before him. He’s dressed in a red velvet frock coat and his long scarf is draped is loose folds on his shoulders. Behind him in the corridor, seemingly unseen, is a modern 2005 design Dalek, but with a battered, bashed in side. The corridor itself is dimly lit with emergency lighting and full or pipes and bulkheads over almost every surface. A large, floor to ceiling octagonal window in the right wall shows open space beyond. The TARDIS floats out there, it’s lamp flaring, while a large spacestation, thin and upright light a rolling pin, with circular arms attached to it by struts is also nearby, Beyond is a blue green planet, with sunshine hitting its horizon, while asteroids of all sizes fill the rest of the starscape. (c) Big Finish Productions

Ninth Doctor TLV
Five Time Lord Victorious Doctors