Doctor Who: Forty Volume One (c) Big Finish Productions Fifth Doctor Adventures Adric Nyssa Tegan Jovanka Peter Davison Matthew Waterhouse Sarah Sutton Janet Fielding Cybermen Ice Warriors Ryan Aplin

Doctor Who: Forty Volume One. Photo montage. Pictures are arranged around a double v shape similar to the Doctor’s jumper. The Doctor himself, head and chest, is at the centre, looking mildly puzzled. To one side Adric looks outward, while the TARDIS sits below him. They’re balanced on the right hand side by Nyssa looking outward and Tegan looking back to the centre. Below the Doctor an Ice Warrior and Tomb design Cyberman are smaller images, looking outward, back to back. At the top, an Ice Lord and a Tomb Cyberman’s head are again balanced against each other, both looking out. For the rest, the double v cuts the image into slices of various images. A remote cabin in the snow, a crab like spaceship in the sky over snowy mountains, a capsule like spaceship above a green jungle, Tomb style Cybermats on a bridge. (c) Big Finish Productions