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The Eighth of March: Protectors of Time (c) Big Finish Doctor Who UNIT Romana Jenny Jo Grant Sarah Jane Adventures Rani

The Eighth of March: Protectors of Time. Six women stand facing us in a line. Jenny (apparently 20s, white, blonde, green t-shirt) stands with hands on hips looking cool and confident. To one side is Romana (apparently 20s, white, long straight blonde hair, pink overcoat and white silk scarf) looks pleased, hands in her pockets. Lady Cristina (20s, white, black hair, black leather jacket) looks to the skies inspired. To the other side is Jo (70s, white, white hair, blue wrap over white top) smiles happily, her arms folded in front of her, Rani (20s, asian, smart patterned coat) looks mysterious, and Jac (black, 50s, glasses, black jumper) looks thoughtful (c) Big Finish