Doctor Who Magazine and the legendary Andrew Pixley present The Doctor Who Companion – The Twelfth Doctor: Volume One

Doctor Who Magazine continues its in-depth chronicle of the show’s production with the 100-page Doctor Who Companion dedicated to the first four episodes of Series Eight starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald.

Andrew Pixley’s unparalleled behind-the-scenes coverage – originally presented in the partwork The Complete History and now revised and reproduced in magazine format for the first time – examines every aspect of the stories’ development, from scripting through to transmission and beyond. Richly illustrated with rare images, this is the essential guide to the series that took the show in a remarkable new direction.

This edition covers four stories:

Deep Breath

The Paternoster Gang are astonished when a giant dinosaur appears in the middle of Victorian London, but even more shocked when it coughs up the TARDIS. Now they, the freshly regenerated Doctor, and Clara must unlock the secret of the Half Faced Man.

Into the Dalek

In a distant future where humans are fighting a losing battle of resistance against the Dalek Empire. But when the most impossible thing in the universe – a good Dalek – falls into their hands, only the Doctor and Clara can help save its life and turn the tide of the war.

Robot of Sherwood

If there’s one thing the Doctor is certain of, it’s that Robin Hood definitely, absolutely doesn’t exist. So who is this bow wielding bloke in green leather in medieval Sherwood Forest?


All Clara wants is to get on with her terrible date with fellow teacher Danny Pink. The Doctor crashing the party with his latest obsession wasn’t supposed to be on the menu. But still she finds herself dragged across time and space to answer the question: what’s under the Doctor’s bed?

Available from WH Smith from Thursday 13 June 2019 priced £7.99 and digitally from priced £6.99.


Please note that this publication is not available as part of a subscription to DWM


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