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Jemma Powell, Jamie Glover, David Bradley, Wendy Craig

Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures Series Five (c) Big Finish Productions David Bradley Susan Foreman Ian Chesterton Barbara Wright Claudia Grant Jemma Powell Jamie Glover Elizabeth I Shakespeare

Jemma Powell (Barbara), Jamie Glover (Ian), David Bradley (Dr. Who), and Wendy Craig (Queen Elizabeth I) at the recording of The Hollow Crown. The four actors stand in the iconic Big Finish carpark, All are smiling, particularly Bradley and Powell who look delighted by Craig’s presence. Powell has tousled blonde hair halfway down her back, wearing an olive t-shirt and white skinny jeans. Glover is wearing a navy shirt, untucked, over blue jeans, with his hands firmly stuffed in his pockets. Bradley is wearing a light pink shirt over blue jeans, with a dark sports jacket. And Craig is wearing a large, open, knee length, comfy looking white cardigan over a light blue blouse and black slacks.(c) Big Finish Productions