Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures Series Five (c) Big Finish Productions David Bradley Susan Foreman Ian Chesterton Barbara Wright Claudia Grant Jemma Powell Jamie Glover Elizabeth I Shakespeare

Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures Series Five. The Doctor (David Bradley) dominates the left hand side of the picture, in fine Elizabethan clothing with a large ruff, and holding a leatherbound book while looking at us mildly (pictured from the waist up). Smaller, but depicted further forward in the composition, Susan (Claudia Grant) tilts her head looking intrigued, while wearing a baggy black sweatshirt. Behind her shoulder Ian looks like he’s just taken a sharp intake of breath in alarm as he looks at something off to the right, while wearing a grey polar neck under a sensible waxed jacket. Behind his shoulder Barbara (Jemma Powell) has her arms folded looking unimpressed, wearing a lilac sweater under a tweed jacket. Behind her floats an odd creature like a hairless pink caterpillar with a semi-human lopsided face. And behind that is the TARDIS. The background is made up of abstract patterns of pinks and purples. (c) Big Finish Productions

Jemma Powell, Jamie Glover, David Bradley, Wendy Craig