The Day of the Doctor has now aired worldwide, but what did you think? Please leave your comments in the section below and, obviously, if you haven’t seen it best not to read. Included above is a new promotional picture from The Day of the Doctor, click on it for a bigger version.
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  1. I liked it a lot.
    I'm confused about burnt/time-locked because we already saw time-locked, I thought. But this ep really advanced the character leading to the next regen.

  2. I just loved it, It is great how they bad Tom Baker and I like how at the end David said 'I dont wanna go' as in stating that when he regenerates he is not saying he doesnt wanna die but he doesnt wanna go to trenzalor

  3. I enjoyed it with two regrets:

    1. I wish it had been longer and given more room to breathe. It was well-constructed for what it was, but it could have been paced more reasonably.

    2. I love John Hurt as an actor and I thought he gave an admirable performance, but the whole way through all I could feel was frustration at Eccleston's decision to not be involved and forcing Moffat to work around it, right up through the regeneration at the end. And even if Eccleston had shown up for that, *just* for that, it would have made everything else better. Instead, it just ended the episode on a downnote for me.

    • Yes! This exactly. It was like 10 had to play the role of 9 as well. Still loved it, but I left feeling like 9 was missing.

  4. Loved it, especially how at the end David Tennant says 'I dont wanna go' stating that when he regenerates it is not that he wanted not to die but that he didnt want to go to Trenzalor, I also like how they brought Tom Baker

  5. Essentially a delivery vehicle for the last sublime 10 minutes. When the fairy dust recedes, the gaping plot holes, dull middle section and Moffatesque throw-away sexism will bcome more obvious but at the moment the afterglow is still there.

    Fairy dust rating:B+
    cold light of day rating: C


  6. John Hurt should not a been a doctor – this causes furher confusion and now the Doctor has yet another face. Instead it be have been better to have Paul McCann in this adventure, and allow the "Eighth Doctor" to have a 2nd official adventure.

  7. Absolutely loved it, with two quibbles:

    1. The only thing stopping it from being perfect was the agony of thinking we were about to see Christopher Eccleston appear from John Hurt's regeneration and then having it snatched away at the last second. It would have been better not to show the sequence at all. I can't understand how Eccleston couldn't agree to do a literally five second shot.

    2. I didn't really get Tom Baker's cameo – people were cheering over his dialogue in the cinema so were there any lines that explained how an older looking Doctor was able to be curator of the museum or was it just a wink to the fans?

    Otherwise, brilliant and absolutely hilarious in places

  8. It was brilliantly done. In tears by the end with Tom Baker appearing. So many people on the inside knew what was coming but still the secret was somehow kept off the internet. Phenomenal. And thank you to you Cameron for all you have done in keeping us informed but never spoiling things for us.

  9. I loved it. I especially liked that it was a Story that had multiple Doctors within it, and Not a collection of appearances by multiple Doctors with a bit of story to glue it together.

    John Hurt added some serious gravitas and the other main cast showed how strong they are acting wise.

    And the less-plausible parts of the time war have been cleaned up cleverly.

    My favourite throw-away line was 'The ravens are looking a bit slow, get someone to replace their batteries'.

  10. Excellent – Moffat knocked it out of the park. I can't really think of anything to complain about. We got Eccleston with a bit of a spotlight, we got the bookended regeneration scene (even if it was a bit sudden, though I think Bad Wolf warned him it would happen), and, best of all – CAPALDI! Roll on Christmas!

  11. I really liked it. It still held up the integrity of the ninth's and tenth's guilt, as it led to the eleventh's ability to alter a horrible act. well done by all involved.

  12. Well that was certainly good. Better than I expected. Happy to see the fate of the Time Lords re-written although I am going to seriously enjoy watching the fanboys melt down at the possibility of them returning!

    Tom's cameo at the end was just the icing on the cake. And the final shot of the 11…er…12 Doctors will make a fantastic wallpaper for my laptop.

  13. Fantastic Doctor Who Golden Jubilee episode! Kiss on the cheek to the past, first view of the future & a major narrative shift. Fez off to Mr Moff!

  14. Loved it. Yeah, the pace is pretty quick but that's to be expected – it doesn't have the running time or budget of an actual theatrical release – I was really impressed with what they did manage to achieve. And it was visually gorgeous.

    I was expecting Hurt to be a really nasty piece of work that the other two would have to foil, but Moffat chose to tell a redemption tale, and actually, I think that was a good choice. Having Billie Piper back as neither Bad Wolf nor Rose was a good choice too I think.

    The interaction between Smith and Tennant was a real treat, they're so good together. And Ten's relationship with Elizabeth was hilarious – no wonder she hates him 😉

    But for me, the cameos were the real present – the scrap yard, Coal Hill School and the photos of Susan, Barbara, Ian and the Brig, that lovely little scene with Tom Baker, seeing all the Doctors come together to save Gallifrey (including our next Doctor! I got chills!) and that final lineup with the First Doctor getting pride of place, it was just so, SO good.

    And we have a direction going forward – Gallifrey is out there somewhere, frozen in time! Will the Doctor remember, or will he stumble upon it? It gives the Master, Rassilon and the Time Lords a way back – they re-entered the war in time to get put away safely for later… great solution. And I *think* it all makes sense too, it doesn't detract from the New Series episodes prior to this special because all that still happened, but here the Doctors unite to change the outcome – classic Moffat – everybody lives! (Except the Daleks).

    Great stuff 🙂

  15. I wish I hadn't had my hopes up so high. I was really looking forward to seeing Rose and her interacting with 10 & 11 (or 11&12 as I guess they are now) Now I just wish they hadn't been in it at all. The missing 9th Doctor was pretty awful and not even addressed. Good episode if you just care about the war but it was too confusing to watch them change all of the rules.

  16. Ten's " I don't want to go" line was a horrible stab in the heart when I was already devastated that Rose wasn't in the episode 🙁

  17. Lovely stuff. Moffat's usual timey-wimey shenanigans can be excused because they amde at least a bit of sense for once and the whole production was suitably epic and genuinely-engrossing. I didn't think Moffat could pull it off, I didn't think he had that sense of 'joy' about the show – but he came through in the end.

  18. I completely agree with Jem's comment above. While the sly references and cute banter were tasty candy at the time, the total destruction of the plot lines built up through the last few years have left a sour taste that won't go away.

    Initial reaction B-.
    After immediate post-show discussion, C+.
    After ruminating for a couple hours, C-.

    I'm going back to my Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee and Baker DVDs. This new show has lost me as a viewer.

  19. Too contrived. It had its moments but suffered from too much going on and no time to focus on any of it. The Zygons' return was effectively thrown away; David Tennant looked reluctant and wary much of the time, somehow… there were some good moments – Clara's Tardis entrance, the glimpse of Capaldi… but where was all the Time War "frontline" stuff we were led to believe the Doctor had fought? Seems to me he simply found a big box which was a bomb dressed as Rose, and failed to detonate it. The removal of Gallifrey was an OTT get-out, just like dragging the Earth back from Davros Removals a few years back. And what was that tripe of a script poor old Tom Baker had to deliver?
    Enjoyable, but underwhelming at the same time.
    Enjoyed the Five(ish) Doctors far more. Much more heartfelt, much funnier, more fitting tribute somehow.

  20. Very disappointing.
    Too much in too little time to give any substance to essentially three massive stories.
    Zygons!! I mean Zygons!! and what? we are meant to believe after the hour they signed a peace treaty with Left Bridge Stewarts suddenly suicidal daughter? Or did they simply slaughter the lot after the Doctor left and oops forgot about them?
    The Time war – So the time lords and their world disappear the very instant the Daleks all press the fire button at the same time and shoot each other "in the cross fire" – really? and then the acme bomb goes off and roadrunner speeds by with a beep beep as cindered daleks look at each other perplexed?
    Finally unless I've missed something – we have 13 Doctors now – I thought there could only be 12 regenerations?

    Massive Dr Who fan feeling very disappointed.

  21. i love it, but zygons and the whole queen sl oh well i know it was needed to bring Ten back and didn't have him to interract with Bad Wolf/Rose lol
    I LOVE John Hurt, he was brilliant and Matt and Jenna and Bills!!! thank you basically but lbr FDR was like a real gift to fan 🙂

  22. It was amazing! The tears just ran down my face. And I was right, we got to see the new doctor.
    The 12 generation thing is probably just something the doctor said to avoid telling people about himself between 9 and 10^^ I hope it´s some mistake and he can regenerate forever^^ I mean why not?
    And it was fun the way they made an extra thing for us who saw the episode in the cinema^^ It was a bit so so with the doctors but the passive aggressive "medic" just saved it. Eating popcorn hearing the tiny screams. XD
    I loved the destruction device. I think that was done just for the fans who misses her<3

  23. Moffat did a great job of balancing humour and emotion, adventure and the story behind the character of The Doctor and a beautiful balance of the old and the new.
    The use of both Tom Baker, an icon from the shows past and Peter Capaldi, the shoes future was an inspired piece of writing by Stephen.
    I feel like there was something for everyone.
    My only regret was that we didn't actually see Christopher Eccleston in the regeneration scene. But that was out of the writing teams control I'm sure.
    9.9 out of 10 from me, a great episode that somehow managed to live up to the huge expectation.

  24. Loved pretty much everything about the episode, I thought it was brilliant. Though there were a couple of things which did disappoint me:

    1) Although it was known Eccleston wouldn't be in the episode, I was still upset when it came to 8.5's (?) regeneration and there 9 wasn't there.
    2) What the hell happened to the storyline of The Name Of The Doctor?? The only thing mentioned about it in this episode was 'you've met them before, don't you remember?' THAT WAS IT. Nothing else! How did they get out of the Doctor's time stream?!
    3) I was incredibly disappointed when I realised Billie wasn't going to play Rose, although she was amazing as The Bad Wolf. I was hoping for interaction with all of the Doctors and Clara. Really disappointed.

    All in all, though, I though it was amazing. Especially when Tom Baker made his fantastic cameo (at which point I SQUEALED really loudly in the cinema!).

  25. While I was waiting the whole time to be completely blown away, and that never really happened, the nostalgia factor was huge, and I literally screamed into my pillow at "I don't want to go." Then half started laughing at "That's what he always says." Was great, just seemed to play like any old episode to me. Except for the fact of multiple Doctors. Oh, and I was uber-pissed that Rose wasn't actually in it. Now I'm done. 😀

  26. He is not one of the greatest murderers in history anymore. Makes everything worthwhile for me. The rest are details to be cleared up later.
    It is the completion of 11's whole character arc – he has gone through the whole of time and space eliminating himself as a godlike and terrible figure, why bot wipe out the biggest crime of all?
    He's not the murderer of Gallifrey anymore.

  27. The only thing that disappointed me was that Rose wasn't a real part of it. The Bad Wolf thing still puzzles me and this didn't help matters.

    Would have liked to see Eccleston in his regeneration, but they did a decent job of bridging the gap anyway. I'm VERY glad we have closure between 8 and 9 now. I'm also glad that it finally makes sense that some have said Gallefrey burned while others said it was only in a time lock. That was bugging me, but now I get it.

    I pumped the air with both fists when I saw Tom Baker!!!!! The dialog didn't make tremendous sense but I was too busy celebrating to care.

    People can dislike Clara all they want, but I really like her. I think she is a strong character, and she not only has had a hand in saving The Doctor, but now she has saved all of Gallifrey. That is good enough for me.

    Well done, everyone! I'm still hooked and can't wait to see what's next!

  28. Re comments about DT's "I don't want to go", he won't remember being told by Matt's Doctor that he is going to Trenzalore. Therefore when he says those words at the EOT it really is because he doesn't want to regenerate not in reference to Trenzalore.

    Also the appearance of Tom Baker opens the door to future older Doctor's returning without the problem of age. It also potentially means the Doctor now doesn't die/get buried at Trenzalore but uses it as a cover/ red herring to retire as Curator of the under gallery.

  29. Orginaly Steven Moffat said the doctor that destroyed the time lords was just before Chris eccilston. But he's nw before the 1st doctor… Which is why he can work out things through time. So if that's the case and john hurt is before the 1st doctor and he then removes the time lords from space and time how can the later doctors visit the time lords since they are no longer around. Time is moveable but the doctors incarnations is in a straight line and can't be changed so a later doctor can not visit something that has been taking out of time by a precious doctor….

  30. I loved it. I was slightly confused why the Gallifrey Timelock thing seemed such a surprise though. The Doctor has already discovered Gallifrey is Timelocked in that episode with The Master when the Time Lord's tried to bring Gallifrey back.

    But wow, what a way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. It had everything I had hoped for.

  31. Quite possibly the worst Doctor Who "anniversary" episode ever devised. Maybe better than DIMENSIONS IN TIME, but I'm not sure.

    Everything was contrived, cheap, and utterly pointless. It was everything that has degraded Doctor Who into just another pedestrian television show. I can't believe there are people out there that actually don't see how they simply replaced Eccleston with John Hurt. The ENTIRE SCRIPT was Eccleston's Doctor with Ten and Eleven. That's the only way it works. But, I guess people are blinded by mindless devotion and thinking an actor last relevant in 1979 has the right to be called "Doctor" because the 9th Doctor was too busy being successful in Hollywood. So, I guess we can all start guessing who the Doctor is between Troughton and Pertwee, right? We never saw him change into the other, so there MUST be another Doctor in there. Jason Statham? Hugh Grant? You decide, because it doesn't effing matter anymore.

    This was the end of Doctor Who for me. When you waste the once-in-a-lifetime 50th anniversary spectacular on the two most recent Doctors from the last 5 years, add a total stranger in the mix because you're too lazy to write a real script, and present the entire thing like it's just another episode of the season? Welcome to the 8th anniversary of Doctor Who. My 35th year with the show, and…..until a new age dawns for it….my last.

    Goodbye Doctor Who. Thank you for 49 wonderful years. Hopefully I will see you again some day without all the silly spectacle, nonsense fluff, and ignorant sycophants ruining a once impressive franchise. Take care.


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