The BBC have released promotional images from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor. Click on the pictures included here for bigger versions. As you can see it features three Doctors, the TARDIS, some effed-up Daleks and the words “Bad Wolf”…

The 75 minute special stars David Tennant, Matt Smith, John Hurt, Jenna Coleman and Billie Piper (and a whole lot more) and is written by current showrunner, Steven Moffat. Visit the episode guide HERE for more info, pics and clips.

Thanks to BBC Pictures


  1. I really like the title and I really don't want to have to point this out but…didn't we just have the very similarly-named The Name of the Doctor? I know its the 50th anniversary year but…that seems…well…just not quite right to me!

  2. David T never had his hair like that. even in The Christmas Invasion before it went all spikey it was never like that. It wasn't that long ago BBC to have forgotten.

    Great pictures thought. wish the 9th Doctor was there with them though.

  3. @Anthony Peterson: Since this is part 2 of Name of the Doctor, the title makes sense to me.

    @People whinging about the hair: please state where on screen or in any other source it was ever stated that the Tenth Doctor never changed his hair or had a haircut. The guy didn't wear the same suit all the time, either.

  4. @Anonymous If hair-style means nothing they would have let Matt Smith appear with a close crop, without the need for a wig.

  5. Has Everyone Forgotten That This Is The Parallel Universe 10? He's More Human Than Time Lord, HeNce The Change In Hairstyle.

  6. so many awesomely perfect things abt these posters but ppl are bitchin over Tennant's hair? lol! yo pseudo fans you've forgotten that's not really the Ten, Human!Ten don't really have spikey hair, it's what separates him visually from TimeLord!Ten

  7. ….where did this fantasy come from that David Tennant is playing "Human Ten"? He's not, he's playing the normal 10th Doctor from somewhere between WATER OF MARS and END OF TIME. When he stood-up the Queen when they were going to elope.

    Come on people. Do some research. 😉


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