The BBC have released new promotional pictures from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor – click on the images here for bigger versions. Pictured are David Tennant, Matt Smith, John Hurt, Jenna Coleman and Jemma Redgrave. For more pics, clips and news visit

Thanks to BBC Pictures


  1. These all look bloomin' marvellous!

    On a side note, Jemma Redgrave should crop up at least once a series from now on, love to see her get some proper character development.

  2. I love how the only comment people keep making is "Where is Rose?" Stupid idea bringing her back for the 50th, Moffat. The "Rose Who" brigade just won't die.

  3. It's nice to see Tennant and Smith together. Too bad they had to stick John Hurt in there instead of writing around Eccleston's non-involvement. You can't just create a new Doctor "from the past" on a whim. I mean, you can, but there's no reason to take it seriously or expect it will be of any consequence beyond "stunt-casting", as in the case of the Hurt-Insert.

    But, that's desperation for you…and this show certainly reeks of it this entire year…

    • Desperation? Perhaps we should just petition the BBC to cancel the programme and then fans could be disgusted and outraged over something else instead.

  4. @Paul Evans

    LOL! Sure, if knee-jerking to extremes is your thing, have a ball. Meanwhile, the rest of us will be satisfied that we've come to an informed personal opinion without your consent.

    Enjoy your anniversary. 🙂

  5. Knee-jerk could, of course, be writing things off before having seen them.

    Anyway, it's all opinion. I will enjoy the anniversary, I'm sure. And I hope you will too. 🙂


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