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The Day of the Doctor – new pics

This week’s edition of the Radio Times, which comes with twelve “collectable” covers (one for each The Doctor), features some new pictures from The Day of the Doctor – click on the images here for bigger versions. The magazine also comes enhanced with the Blippar app which allows you access to more info and some neat, and rare pictures. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special simulcasts around the world on Nov 23 at
7.50pm [GMT]. 

Visit www.dayofthedoctor.com for more clips, pics and news


  1. The Day of the Doctor is roughly 76 minutes long. Between the clips and photos and scenes we saw filming AND synopsis quotes we get from actors and Steemo himself, I'm willing to bet well over half of it has been let out of the bag. For a group who takes pride in keeping secrets, this is epic failure.

    • I defy you to write a synopsis of the episode that captures even 10% off the story. Please by all means reply to this and give me a rundown of the story…not only will you find how embarrassingly wrong you are, but also how brilliantly they have kept things under wraps. Time to back your words up anonymous.

  2. @Anonymous Good Lord. :rolleyes:

    Did you roll out of the wrong side of the bed?

    I for one am so freaking excited for this. And I'm willing to bet there are a whole lot more surprises than @Anonymous seems to believe.


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