Thanks to BBC Pictures
The BBC have released more promotional pictures from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor – click on the images here for bigger versions. The photos feature lovely actress Ingrid Oliver who plays UNIT scientist Osgood (perhaps a relation to Tom Osgood from The Dæmons?). Oliver is the star of comedy show Watson & Oliver who have featured Doctor Who content on their show, watch HERE.

Thanks to BBC Pictures
Eagle~eyed readers will have, perhaps, noticed a very familiar looking scarf… Check out some pictures from filming on The Day of the Doctor that feature Ingrid HERE. The seventy-six minute special,
written by Steven Moffat, simulcasts around the world on Nov 23 at
7.50pm [GMT]. 

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  1. Let me guess: Osgood is the next "eccentric scientific adviser" taking the place of the campy-geek from PLANET OF THE DEAD? 😉

    Oh dear. I hope I'm wrong. Sometimes a joke just doesn't work, and I think PotD proved that conclusively. Hey, it's a human who worships The Doctor! Okay…..and then? Next?


  2. "the campy-geek from PLANET OF THE DEAD"?! Malcolm was brilliant! Named a unit of measurement after himself, genius!

    Wondering if there's an Oswin/Oswald/Osgood link with Osgood? Either way, she certainly wears the scarf well 🙂

  3. As half-speculated elsewhere, given

    (i) she's called Osgood (not too far away from Oswin)
    (ii) she has a prettier sister (why did this detail come out on Saturday ? The plot was far too tight for a Zygon mention of the 'prettier sister' not to be important)
    (iii) her role / background in UNIT got no further mention

    we have to conclude she's a sister of one version of Clara.

    So we have a 'Clara's sister' theme to look forward to along with the much bigger Return Of The TIme Lords one …. not all at once, of course !

    Must admit I missed the scarf references even after two viewings of the show … time for a third.

    (While that doesn't rule out something like a Sgt. Osgood daughter theory, of course, that's frankly too unimportant to be likely).


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