Peter Capaldi by Lucy Crewe
Peter Capaldi by Lucy Crewe

Paying our respects to the rock god, cultural icon and innovator David Bowie (1947-2016)

The costume of the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) were heavily influenced by David Bowie. The buttoned-up look is similar to the Thin White Duke persona.

At a screening of the opening 2-parter of Series 9 last year, Peter suggested the cultural icon would be a great casting choice for a guest role.

The Daily Banana is a quick Doctor Who fun fact from Blogtor Who. 


  1. I always thought that Bowie would do great on Who. His performance on Labyrinth I always considered a template for other actors to use for a truly memorable character on Dr. Who. I wonder why no other actors followed up on that obvious lead.

    Who do you think would be able to play a character like the Goblin King in Doctor Who? And what other characters from other shows or movies would you like to see re-created for NuWho?

  2. With the greatest of respect for the late Mr Bowie, I always thought this season Mr C was channelling Brian May of Queen,

    As well as being a rock god Mr May is a Doctor, having gone back to University after Freddie died to finish his Ph.D in Astrophysics


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