Daily Banana - 8th Feb 2016 - Lucy Crewe
Daily Banana – 8th Feb 2016 – Lucy Crewe

The first Doctor (William Hartnell) started everything.   Here is Ian Chesterton (William Russell) and the Doctor from 1964’s The Edge of Destruction



  1. Yeah, anyone who thinks the idea of adding a bit of conflict to the show, or a morally ambiguous Doctor is brand new and “ruining Doctor Who” need to educate themselves as this was part and parcel of the show all the way back at the start. There are elements of Edge of Destruction that would fit in perfectly well with today’s darker Doctor Who.

  2. Patrick T. and Davidson were an abnormality and a big change from the Doctor’s original personality. The Pertwee and Baker were much closer – irascible, grumpy, focused on the bigger picture and caring very little for how people felt about what they needed to do to get the job done. Colin and McCoy got quite a bit closer in comparison to Davidson – but they both got axed by the BBC in the end so we didn’t get to really see how they would have developed along the road. As McGann’s audio plays have gone on he’s begun to slip back into the questionable choices of the first Doctor and it’s been interesting to see how these Doctors who we barely got to see are being allowed to develop their characters.

    Thank GOD for Big Finish 🙂


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