Not the hugging kind by Lucy Crewe
Not the hugging kind by Lucy Crewe

The Doctor: “I don’t think that I’m a hugging person now.”

Clara: “I’m not sure you get a vote.”

(Deep Breath, Series 8, Episode 1, 2014)

This conversation followed a surprise phone call to Clara (Jenna Coleman) from eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) after an awkward start for the new twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi). That phone call was all it took for Clara to realise that he was her Doctor after all – well nearly!

This memorable scene was shot on Queen Street, Cardiff, which doubled as Glasgow city centre on 28th January 2014.


  1. Nice to see how this evolved. It became a joke in listen and a gift in Death in Heaven as the Doctor gave her permission. He seemed to realize he liked Clara hugging him in Last Christmas and by Series 9 they were both pretty much cuddle bugs. I wish they’d had a chance to hug in Hell Bent but their final hug in Face the Raven was epic.


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