Coal Hill School by Lucy Crewe
Coal Hill School by Lucy Crewe

Coal Hill Secondary School, Shoreditch, London, is where it all started in November 1963. The setting of An Unearthly Child, it’s here we meet teachers Ian Chesterton (William Russell), Barbara Wright (Jacquline Hill), and Susan Foreman (Carol Ann Ford) who lives a double life as a student and a time traveller.

The school appeared again in Remembrance of the Daleks (1988), briefly in Day of the Doctor (2013), and several times in Season 8. Locations used were Gladstone Primary, Cardiff, Holton Primary in Barry, and Tonyrefail School, whereas in the earliest adventures it was a set built and shot at Lime Grove Studios.

Principal photography will soon begin on the Doctor Who spin-off, Class, set around the school.


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