The Academy Awards by Lucy Crewe
The Academey Awards by Lucy Crewe

As it is Oscar night, let’s flashback to March 27th 1995, to Peter Capaldi’s moment in the Tinseltown spotlight. At the 67th Academy Awards, the film “Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life” won Short Film (Live Action) – in a tie vote with “Trevor” in the same category.

“Okay, thanks. I’ve got nineteen seconds for a very short speech and I’d like to thank everybody who worked on the film, who gave of themselves […] of their talent and generosity. Richard E. Grant, who was fabulous; Ruth Kenley-Letts, who is a fabulous producer; and Elaine Collins, who was the real creative dynamo behind it all. And my mum and dad, and the Academy. Thanks a lot. Bye.”

Once a winner, always a winner.


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