H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds comes to life in The Coming of the Martians, a faithfully adapted full-cast audio drama from Sherwood Studio Studios.

The Coming of the Martians is an all-new dramatisation of the original alien invasion story. First serialised in 1897, the classic science-fiction has never been adapted as it was intended, with the dark horrific tone intact. Until now!

Award-winning actor Colin Morgan (Merlin) stars alongside a fantastic cast of actors. These include Dan Starkey (Strax from Doctor Who) and Nigel Lindsay (Sir Robert Peel in Victoria). Big Finish’s Lisa Bowerman also stars and directs.

The Coming of the Martians is produced natively in 96Khz/24-bit 5.1 surround sound and is available in these different formats:

  • Special Limited Edition USB Box – Limited to just 500 copies. Pre-order price £50, normal price £59.99
  • Limited Edition DVD – Limited to 3000 copies. Pre-order price £20, normal price £24.99
  • Standard 2-Disc CD Release – Pre-orders available at the normal price of £14.99
  • Digital Download – Available upon release

The Coming of the Martians is exclusively available for pre-order at Sherwood Sound Studios

  • Colin Morgan (Merlin) – A writer trying to find his way back to his wife
  • Ronald Pickup (The Crown) – The Curate
  • Nigel Lindsay (Victoria) – John, The Artilleryman
  • Olivia Poulet (The Thick of It) – Wife of our writer
  • Dan Starkey (Doctor Who) – The Astronomer, Ogilvy
  • Luke Kempner (Murder in Successville) – Brother of our writer
  • Molly Hanson – The brother’s fiancé
  • Stephen Critchlow – Captain of The Thunderchild
  • Nick Scovell – Henderson
  • Lisa Bowerman – Helen

A writer is caught in the middle of an invasion from Mars and desperately tries to find his way back to his wife. Encountering other unfortunate souls, he struggles with the dark horrific nature of human slaughter and the terrifyingly disturbing torment upon his fellow man.

The Coming of the Martians from Sherwood Sound Studios releases 30th July


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