The sixth episode of Doctor Who Series 8, The Caretaker, has aired, but what did you
think? Please leave your comments in the section below and, obviously,
if you haven’t seen it best not to read. Check out the What Did You Think? for Time Heist HERE.

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  1. Another strong episode which exceeded expectation* (*based on School Reunion). Lots of lovely interaction going on. I really like Peter Capaldi's interpretation of the doctor. The script really plays to his strengths as an actor. Can't wait now for the inevitable The Thick Of It Chris Addison/Peter Capaldi reunion.

    Thought that Danny's discovery of Clara's secret life was well done, even if he seemed slightly underwhelmed by the revelation. Courtney's bits and pieces were better. Loved the bow-tied Adrian boyfriend confusion, however obvious the gag.

    Meanwhile, having a device which can turn the wearer invisible opens up so many possibilities. Has the doctor ever had such a device, other than the perception filter keys in 'The Sound Of Drums'?

  2. Enjoyed this a lot. More depth than The Caretaker but probably not quite as funny. Capaldi was brilliant as always and is shaping up after only 6 episodes to be the best Doctor we have ever had. He just owns the role completely. Loved the Clara/Danny moments and also the clash between the Doctor and Danny – there has to be more behind this I am sure.

    I was a bit worried that it might be a real dog like School Reunion but happily it turned out to be a real winner and sitting right near the top of Series 8 for me. I can't recall ever enjoying a run of episodes in New Who as much as all six of these and next week looks fantastic too. Good times!

  3. The most bizarre thing about this episode is the slagging School Reunion is getting, considering it was a beloved episode last time I looked which brought back Sarah Jane Smith. Where were all the haters hiding for the past 8 years?

    Anyway, while still nowhere near as good as Listen (or School Reunion) it was still a fun hour that developed all the characters, even the Doctor. It did the job!

  4. This was a great episode. Such character depth and interaction hasn't been seen in who for quite a while. It's nice to have these episodes that are character driven and not just some monster chase. Capaldi has made the Doctor all his own and i couldn't be happier.

  5. There's so ugh to like in this episode, most of which is provided through humor and the performances of the three main actors. Capaldi had me laughing out loud at multiple occasions.
    Two sticking points for me keep it from being at the highest level -1) The Doctor's dislike of soldiers has reached a point that would have us beleive Series 7-11 didn't exist. (Not to mention all other appearances and mentions). The Brig, Benton and Yates were friends of his. I wonder what they'd make of his new found level of dislike.
    2) Clara's dismissal of the Doctor when talking about why she travels with him. I get she's trying to reassure Danny but I'm glad The Doctor didn't over hear her say the reason she travels with him is the wonder etc. I thought it would've been a great place to say 'He's my best friend' or something similar.

    However those two points aside, really enjoyed it.

  6. Another very strong episode with some of the best character beats we have seen since series 5. Capaldi gets better every week and I am really enjoying his outwardly cantankerous and inwardly insecure Doctor. His banter with Clara is hilarious and for me even surpasses 11 and Amy for the best Doctor and companion combination. I am also liking where the story is heading and something tells me that Clara has some hard choices ahead. I also like the arc this year – much more subtle than last series and hoping it ends up as satisfying as series 5 – still the high water mark in New Who but only six episodes in, this series is really getting close.

  7. I enjoyed it a lot and I am not looking forward to the end of the series this time around I can see myself having the major feels, but as always loving Capaldi a lot.


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