The Radio Times have released the cast for Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 6, The Caretaker – check it out below. Be warned, this list might be slightly spoilery.

Danny Pink – Samuel Anderson
Courtney Woods – Ellis George
Adrian – Edward Harrison

Mr Armitage – Nigel Betts
CSO Matthew – Andy Gillies
Noah – Nanya Campbell
Yashe – Joshua Warner-Campbell
Kelvin – Oliver Barry-Brook
Tobias – Ramone Morgan
Mr Woods – Winston Ellis
Mrs Woods – Gracy Goldman
Mrs Christopholou – Diana Katis
Skovox Blitzer – Jimmy Vee
Seb – Chris Addison 

The Caretaker airs at 8.30pm on Sept 27 on BBC One, for more news, pics and clips from the story, click HERE.

Jimmy Vee will be known to Who fans having already starred in numerous episodes during the Eccleston and Tennant eras. Chris Addison was revealed earlier this year as starring in the series finale.

Nigel Betts and Ellis George have also already appeared this series, in Into The Dalek (and the latter in Deep Breath too). Visit the Doctor Who Series 8 Guide HERE.



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