The votes are in! We asked for your Top 3 favourite Doctor Who moments from last year and you responded in your hundreds! Below you’ll find out the results of what YOU thought of the show in 2013.

The following were all very close receiving between 0.09% and 0.37% of the vote: Doctor Who at the Proms, Chicago TARDIS (US Doctor Who convention), Fanfare for the Common Men (Big Finish audio drama – review HERE), Rain Gods (Series 7 DVD minisode), Official Doctor Who Celebration, Nightmare in Silver, The Doctors Revisited, The Bells of Saint John Prequel, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Science of Doctor Who, Hunters of the Burning Stone (Doctor Who Magazine comic strip), Lords of the Red Planet (audio drama – review HERE) and the BBC Three documentary, The Ultimate Guide.

Just missing out on the Top 10 were the Series 7 episodes The Bells of Saint John and The Rings of Akhaten which gathered 0.93% and 0.83% of the vote respectively. Here’s the Top 10!
10. Cold War – 1.02%
9. The Crimson Horror – 1.48%
8. The Light at the End – 1.58%
7. Hide – 2.22%
6. The Time of the Doctor – 3.25%
5. The Name of the Doctor – 5.01%
4. An Adventure in Space & Time – 12.07%
3. The Five(ish) Doctors – 14.02%
2. The Night of the Doctor – 21.91%
1. The Day of the Doctor – 32.87%

Thanks to all who voted! You can read all about the favourites of 2013 from the Blogtor Who writers HERE.

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Cameron K. McEwan
Cameron K McEwan was the first owner and site editor of Blogtor Who since its creation in May 2008 until Dec 2015. A lifelong Doctor Who fan, Cameron has also written two books, The Who’s Who of Doctor Who and Doctor Who: The Big Book of Lists, and directed a film all about Doctor Who fans throughout the years, Who’s Changing - An Adventure In Time With Fans. Cameron also contributes TV and film news and reviews to BBC Radio London, Metro, Digital Spy, New York Observer and Den of Geek. He lives in London with his one trousers.


  1. Personally, I really didn't think DAY OF THE DOCTOR was all that good. I don't mind the status change for the Whoverse. I welcome change. I just thought the execution of the entire episode was mediocre at best, with glossy and shallow 3-D-ness slapped over it as if to excuse the lack of substance, direction, or plot. David and Matt deserved a better script, and John "Fill-In for Eccleston" Hurt had no business being there. Billie Piper was stand-out as Bad Wolf. But the actors themselves couldn't save it from being kind of silly and boring. A shame, as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the show and the viewers. Not to mention, just as a small gripe, you would think taking an anniversary called the "Day of the Doctor" and having all the living Doctors appear would sort of make common sense (instead of trying to appeal to "fan-faves"). But somewhere along the way, corporate minds and media egos caused this lukewarm stumble of an anniversary. There's a lot of good things about the 50th Year (FIVE DOCS REBOOT, McGann's Return, and ADVENTURE bio being my top faves) but DAY OF THE DOCTOR was not one of them. The lowest point of the year. Well, that and the cringe-inducing "live aftershow". For godsake, leave that stuff for the US productions. Go home BBC, you're drunk. 😉


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