The BBC have released promotional images from the first episode of Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 – click on the pictures here for bigger versions. Eagle-eyed readers will spot much to enjoy, including some monsters and villains from the upcoming series. From the BBC:
“Doctor Who is to return to BBC One on 30 March in a modern day urban
thriller announced today as The Bells of Saint John, as the first
official image is revealed giving fans a sneak peak at what to expect
from the epic new series that starts Easter Saturday.”

The Bells of Saint John airs on March 30 on BBC One, BBC America and SPACE whilst it airs the following day in Poland and South Africa. Set in London against the backdrop of new and old iconic
landmarks, The Shard and Westminster Bridge, the episode will also
establish a new nemesis, the Spoonheads, who will battle the Doctor as he
discovers something sinister is lurking in the Wi-Fi. Speaking about the series, current showrunner Steven Moffat said:

“We’re running round the rings of an alien world and then a haunted
house. There’s new Cybermen, new Ice Warriors and a never before
attempted journey to the centre of the TARDIS. And in the finale, the
Doctor’s greatest secret will at last be revealed. If this wasn’t
already our most exciting year it would be anyway.”


  1. Whose eye (if it even is an eye) is it just above Matt's head (first pic)?

    It reminds me of the Sycorax, but I'm not quite sure!

  2. I can only picture his name being his biggest secret, but the only person who really knows that is River. This only gets me even more excited for the new series!

  3. What on earth is wrong with the photoshop guy? the Christmas pictures were weird looking and really shiny smooth now JLC has a head that does not line up with that body at all. apart from that little issue love the pictures. fingers crossed for a great 7b series.

  4. What the is up with her face? She's like DURRRR HI MY NECK IS LONG.

    Also, apparently it's Moffat's intention to jump the shark even before the show comes on. This poster looks ridiculous.

  5. Hello RSAntilles. I get that she is leaning over its more that the angle of her face does not look right to me or perhaps that they have taken her head from another promo picture and have place it in this picture. It was just a personal observation I’m sure I’m alone in thinking it’s a bit odd.


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