Current Doctor Who Matt Smith was a guest on The Jonathan Ross Show earlier this evening and during his interview a clip from the first episode of Series 7 Part 2 was shown – watch a snatch from The Bells of Saint John in the player below. Watch the interview HERE.

Or try this player


  1. Clara clutching a Starbucks during that whole clip could well rank as one of the cutest. things. ever. (Though I thought the airplane episode was coming later in the season.)

  2. Here's my question….he says that he's 1000 yrs old. In 'Impossible Astronaut' or another episode,did he not say that he was 1145 yrs old? Is this the younger Doctor or older Doctor we have now, based on when Amy, Rory and River went to the diner after the Doctor was shot at Lake Silenceo?

  3. I am looking forward to the Bells of st JOhn, and the reat of the episodes and also the 50th anniversary special it is going to be a great year

  4. @Nicole Johnson: I'm sure he's just rounding his age down. I mean, once you break a thousand, the hundreds, tens, and ones place seem rather unimportant

  5. Shades of TimeFlight in there, with the TARDIS in an airplane. But *slightly* superior effects. 😛 Actually, it looks like a delightful scene, and I can't wait to see the rest!


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