The BBC have published interviews with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Nick Frost and Steven Moffat ahead of this year’s festive special, Last Christmas – check out the highlights below and read the full interviews HERE.

Viewers will be thrilled to see the Doctor and Clara brought together again – what can we expect from this and what can you say about what brings them together?

“They’re brought together by a crisis that returns the Doctor to Earth to help Clara. The stuff that separated them, the lies they told each other – all of that will be addressed in this episode. We don’t just ignore it for the sake of Christmas. It is properly addressed and forms the emotional core of the episode.”

Nick Frost seems an inspired choice for Santa Claus – how did that casting come about?

“As ever with Doctor Who we’re very lucky to have Andy Pryor casting for us and he suggested Nick Frost. The moment you think of Nick Frost as Santa Claus you just know he’s exactly right – he has the right style, has the right attitude and more than that he seems like a slightly ‘funky’ Santa Claus – the sort of Santa Claus that OUGHT to turn up in Doctor Who. Simultaneously he subverts the role of Santa Claus and affirms it very definitively. He’s a truly great Santa. It’s hard to think of anyone else for the role once you’ve seen him.”

Will we see the traditional Santa we know and love, or should we expect a different side to him?

“Santa Claus will be real, and definitely not evil. Parents shouldn’t worry, Santa is presented, as he is in real life, as a great Christmas hero.”

How do the Doctor and Clara become involved with Santa?

“Santa appears on the roof of Clara’s house and only the Doctor knows the danger of it.”

What was your reaction to Nick Frost being cast as Santa? What sort of Santa does he play?

“I was delighted when Nick was cast, I’m a big fan of his. I love Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead. He’s actually quite a traditional Santa but with a comic undertone. He is the real Santa – he’s not a robot or an alien, but he is a little bit cantankerous. He’s a little bit like the Doctor and at first they don’t really get on together.”

What does Clara make of Santa Claus?

“When she meets him she can’t quite believe he’s there, because bumping into Santa Claus on your roof is quite a weird way to wake up. Deep down she has always wanted to see him, and so when he materialises it’s really a nice thing.”

And working with the fabulous elves played by Dan Starkey and Nathan McMullen?

“It was like they’d been working together for years. I thought they must have been rehearsing in their trailers because the timing and the double act between the two of them is like they’ve grown up together almost. But they’d only just met!”

What can viewers expect from the Christmas special?

“It makes you question reality. You can’t quite figure it out. It makes you question what is real and what isn’t, but with a thriller and psychological element. It’s very Doctor Who – it’s got all of the traditional elements as well, and the one sequence we have with the sleigh is so magical. It’s what you want to sit down and watch at Christmas.”


What would you say viewers can look forward to from this Christmas special?

“There’s going to be a nice combination of comedy and terror, and cool creatures – and Christmas fun. There’s a sleigh ride and snow. It’s going to be beautiful!”


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