This November, ‘The Arrows Of Time A Tribute To Doctor Who’, will debut and it is going to knock your bow ties off in the best possible way!

‘The Arrows Of Time’ is a multi-doctor story that uses animated avatars of 10 different Doctors. It’s a 3D, 4K, surround sound phenomenon, that will tour fulldome planetariums starting in Brno, Czech Republic.

There are some very talented voice actors attached to this, including, John Guilor, who voiced the First Doctor in “The Day of the Doctor” and Jake Dudman, who is set to be the the Narrator/Tenth Doctor in Big Finish’s ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’.

Consulted with and cleared by the BBC, this new story will also feature a brand new villain, ‘The Given’. Facing a force of evil older than the universe The Doctor is not alone against this foe. The audience will be the ultimate companion and help The Doctor/s save the universe!

Check out this gorgeous trailer to have a better idea of what to expect.

The Arrows Of Time A Tribute To Doctor Who
The Arrows Of Time A Tribute To Doctor Who

Music is an important part of any Doctor Who experience and in this case there will be an oratorio, in Latin, using the Doctor’s words from the last 50 years.

This travelling show is set to release more dates in its 2018 tour which will find its final 3 week residency at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Get your tickets and find out more by visiting their website, You can even purchase the soundtrack

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